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Customers Validate the Advanced Protection Provided by SonicWALL Capture, Now Available With the Release of SonicOS 6.2.6
Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 09:53:09 AM

Date : 7/27/2016

Round Rock, Texas

  • SonicWALL Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service, the first-to-market multi-engine sandbox enabled to block suspicious files until verdict, transitions from technical preview to general availability today
  • New SonicWALL SonicOS 6.2.6 release also features new Content Filtering Service 4.0, with even more administrative controls for better performance and ease of use
  • SonicWALL customers observed dramatic increases in their network security during the technical preview of SonicWALL Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service. With the general availability of SonicOS 6.2.6 firmware announced today, SonicWALL Capture is the industryís first multi-engine sandbox that enables customers to block suspicious files until a verdict is reached. Additionally, SonicOS 6.2.6 features an enhanced Content Filtering Service that gives organizations the power to easily enforce protection and productivity policies to control access to inappropriate or unproductive web content.

    Available for use with SonicWALL TZ, NSA and SuperMassive 9000 series firewalls, SonicOS 6.2.6 with SonicWALL Capture protects customers from todayís most advanced threats, including zero-day attacks.

    Malicious code authors have developed techniques allowing malware to detect the presence of existing sandboxes and use this information to evade detection. To combat these techniques, SonicWALL Capture utilizes three technically different cloud-based threat analysis sandboxing engines, making evasion almost impossible. Capture also has the ability to accept the broadest range of file sizes and types and can be configured to block suspicious files from entering the system until a verdict is reached.

    Angel Torres, CIO of Credit Services, Inc. reports, "The new SonicWALL Capture service is another key addition to the suite of security tools that help us battle the new challenges that we face on a daily basis. By providing this new service, it feels like we have a partner working with us in the fight to keep our system secured. By preventing malicious files from entering our system, it helps keep our clients and our company more secure from new threats as they emerge."

    "We did some evaluations of other sandbox solutions, but SonicWALL Capture was the easiest to implement and most cost effective to license and manage. Because itís offered as an upgrade to our firewall and only requires a firmware update, testing and eventual deployment into a production environment was really easy. We are looking at utilizing this at our other sites as we focus on multiple, layered approaches to security," stated Zachary A.?Radke of Santa Fe Senior Living.

    SonicWALL Content Filtering Service 4.0 offers better performance and ease of use

    The new SonicWALL Content Filtering Service 4.0 available in SonicOS 6.2.6 enables IT to enforce protection and productivity policies and block inappropriate, unproductive and illegal web content from the network. Key new features in this version include:

    • Block-page override, Bandwidth Management and Confirm actions ? In addition to the current allow and block methods, CFS 4.0 also offers block-page override (passphrase), bandwidth management, and confirm actions, giving administrators additional controls to individual domain categories. These five methods are configurable at the policy level (versus a global setting). This can enable educational institutions, for example, to personalize the teaching experience for specific schools, classrooms or groups of users behind a firewall, empowering teachers and IT administrators to facilitate a better and more productive learning experience.

    • YouTube Restricted mode ? Similar to parental controls, YouTube Restricted mode helps inhibit the search for, or access to, inappropriate videos based on YouTubeís proprietary technology.

    "The SonicWALL CFS version 4.0 has given us more power over the filtering system by allowing us to control the priority of the policies," George Morris, IT Administrator at Peru Community Schools. "This lets us set multiple allow or deny rules and have users with multiple policies, and still maintain complete accuracy of the outcome. We view these enhancements as proof that the best just got even better."

    Supporting Quotes:

    Patrick Sweeney, vice president, product management and marketing,?SonicWALL Products

    "Our customersí strong testimonials are proof that our Capture sandboxing solution is the best way to effectively guard against the latest threats, including zero-day attacks. Their statements on realized value reflect our original design intent for this solution, to provide a threat analysis technology that malicious code canít detect and evade. Attackers develop more than 60 million pieces of unique malware every year, and the SonicWALL Capture ATP Service is the marketís only cloud-based offering to include multi-layer sandbox technologies that use system emulation, virtualization, memory analysis, and other techniques to detect and prevent these threats from entering the network. By including support for Capture in SonicWALL OS firmware 6.2.6, we are providing our customers with fast response times, high security effectiveness and reduced total cost of ownership."

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