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Dell Network Attached Storage
Ready to deploy and easy to manage

Network attached storage (NAS) is a specialized storage server with its own IP address that is made available to multiple clients and servers on a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).

Combining PowerEdge technology with Windows Storage Server 2016 for ready-to-deploy network-attached storage (NAS) appliances.

Dell Network Attached Storag

Dell EMC PowerVault NX440

PowerVault NX440

Network attached storage that offers automated setup and data management capabilities for efficient data sharing.

  • Single socket, 1U rack mount NAS server
  • Intel Xeon Processor E-2124
  • Up to four hot-swap 3.5” NL-SAS or SATA drives for data and OS
  • Up to 48TB memory
  • Leveraging the PowerEdge R340 PowerEdge Server technology

Dell EMC PowerVault NX3240

Dell Storage NX3240

Effectively manages both file and block data with advanced software for efficient, adaptable data sharing.

  • Dual-socket, 2U rack mount NAS server
  • Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 or 3106 or Silver 4114 processors
  • Up to 64GB memory
  • SATA, NL-SAS or SAS drive options
  • Up to 16 hot-swap 3.5” drives for data; two 2.5” drives for OS
  • Up to 192TB raw capacity
  • Leveraging the PowerEdge R740xd server precision technology

Dell EMC PowerVault NX3340

Dell Storage NX3340

Cluster-ready NAS that offers efficient deployment and integration with high availability to simplify data management.

  • Dual-socket, 1U rack mount NAS server and gateway
  • Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 or Silver 4114 processors
  • Up to 64GB memory
  • Two or four hot-swap 2.5” SAS drives for OS
  • Leveraging the PowerEdge R640 server precision technology