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Use EMC NetWorker software for unified backup and recovery of your enterprise applications and databases. With centralized administration, NetWorker helps you take advantage of the data protection that fits your needs best: deduplication, backup to disk and tape, snapshots, replication, and NAS. EMC NetWorker protects both physical and virtual environments including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Whether you're protecting applications and data residing within your data center or the public cloud, NetWorker provides the same enterprise-level user experience. With EMC CloudBoost, NetWorker delivers highly efficient and secure long-term retention of backups in leading private or public cloud offerings, and backups of data and applications within the public cloud.

NetWorker is available standalone or as a component of the EMC Data Protection Suite Family, which offers you a complete suite of data protection software options.

Accelerate Backups With Centralized, Automated Backup And Recovery

EMC® NetWorker® backup and recovery software centralizes, automates, and accelerates data backup and recovery across your IT environment. Boasting record-breaking performance and flexibility, NetWorker protects critical business data in a fast, secure, and easy to manage way. NetWorker Virtual Edition speeds deployment for the Software Defined Data Center. Available with your NetWorker license, it is a pre-configured virtual appliance optimized for backup and recovery performance.

Whether your organization is a small office or a large data center, leverages on-premises resources or applications and data in the public cloud, you can trust that your data will be protected with NetWorker. NetWorker users know and trust that their data is backed up and recoverable in the event of user error, data loss, system outage, or catastrophic event. And, all your business applications remain in service while data backups are taking place, for zero downtime.

Centralized Backup And Recovery Management

NetWorker delivers centralized backup and recovery operations for complete control of data protection across diverse computing and storage environments.

  • Storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS), and direct-attached storage (DAS).
  • UNIX, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Critical business applications including IBM DB2; Informix; Lotus; MEDITECH; Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory; MySQL; Oracle; SAP; SAP HANA; and Sybase.
  • Virtual environments, including Hyper-V, VMware®, Xen, and Solaris Zones.
  • Backup storage options including, tape drives and libraries, virtual tape libraries, disk arrays, deduplication storage systems, and cloud storage.

Performance And Security

NetWorker delivers enterprise-class performance and security to meet even the most demanding service level requirements. Integration with advanced technologies such as array-based snapshots (both block and file), EMC ProtectPoint, continuous data protection (CDP), and the VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection provides fast, efficient, and nondisruptive backup.

NetWorker accelerates protection and significantly reduces the impact of data protection operations from production environments. Block Based Backup for Windows and Linux filesystems, Microsoft Exchange, and Hyper-V enable backup performance of up to 5x faster than file-based methods. Support for FIPS 140-2 compliance, 256-bit AES encryption, secure lockbox access control, enhanced user authentication, and role-based authorization ensures information security.

Networker Cloud Experience

Organizations are moving toward cloud-based environments for greater flexibility and cost reduction. Whether you're protecting applications and data residing within your data center or the public cloud, NetWorker provides the same enterprise-level user experience. With EMC CloudBoost™, NetWorker also delivers highly efficient and secure long-term retention of backups to EMC Elastic Cloud Storage private cloud, the Virtustream Storage Cloud enterprise-class public cloud object-storage service, as well as to a selection of additional public cloud offerings.

Integrated Deduplication For Accelerated Backup And Recovery

Exponential data growth, regulations, aggressive service level agreements, and shrinking backup windows-all of these factors are driving IT managers to consider new approaches to data protection. Data deduplication is the enabling technology for next-generation data protection solutions. By reducing the size of backup datasets by an average of 10 to 30x, backups can be retained on site longer for fast operational restores, and replicated offsite efficiently over existing network links for disaster recovery and multi-site tape consolidation.

EMC NetWorker is the only backup software application to provide seamless integration with the industry's two leading deduplication solutions-EMC Avamar® and EMC Data Domain® deduplication storage systems. With the addition of deduplication technology, EMC NetWorker enables you to leverage both traditional and deduplicated backup in the same environment. NetWorker simplifies deployment and lets users choose the right solution for the right backup workload. It also reduces the complexity and risk of introducing new capabilities as your data protection requirements evolve.

EMC Networker And EMC Data Domain

NetWorker integrates with EMC Data Domain Boost-a software option that extends the capabilities of Data Domain solutions-to significantly increase performance and simplify management. With DD Boost the deduplication process is distributed to the NetWorker client, storage node or application host, enabling each to send only unique data segments to a Data Domain system. This increases the aggregate throughput by up to 99 percent, reduces the amount of data transferred over the network, reduces backup times by 50%, and decreases CPU utilization on the NetWorker storage. NetWorker Client Direct, which allows the storage node to be by-passed in the backup process, further amplifies the benefit of DD Boost from the client file system or application directly to the Data Domain system. The improved efficiency provides the ability to drive more backups from a single backup server. It also reduces the need for storage nodes, thus reducing cost and resource management requirements.

With DD Boost, NetWorker can control the replication of data between multiple Data Domain systems and provide backup administrators with a single point of management for tracking all backups and duplicate copies. WAN-efficient Data Domain replication eliminates the need for tape-based backup and recovery for disaster recovery.

Management of Data Domain systems, from configuration to day-to-day operations, is greatly simplified with NetWorker:

  • Wizard-based discovery and configuration streamlines the setup of Data Domain systems
  • Customizable SNMP monitoring captures Data Domain alerts and messages
  • Replication monitoring displays Data Domain replication status and statistics
  • Reporting reflects Data Domain capacity, utilization, and deduplication efficiency

EMC Networker And EMC Avamar

NetWorker enables users to take advantage of the benefits of EMC Avamar with a single, integrated client and a single software footprint that delivers the flexibility for users to easily choose deduplicated or traditional backup-or both.

NetWorker offers flexibility in deployment of Avamar within the backup and recovery environment. There are two physical deployment options: Avamar Data Store, a complete pre-packaged solution that integrates Avamar software with EMC-certified hardware for streamlined deployment; and Avamar Virtual Edition that can be deployed on a range of certified, industry standard servers.

Unified Control And Management

By providing a common management interface and unified backup and recovery workflows, NetWorker with Avamar and Data Domain deduplication helps customers achieve new levels of efficiency without adding administrative complexity. Existing NetWorker customers can enjoy the benefits of deduplication without the complexity of adding another backup user interface and workflow.

Ease Of Use

NetWorker simplifies installation, configuration and day-to-day data protection management through an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Capabilities include:

  • A customizable web-based GUI with built-in reporting to simplify administration
  • Wizards to guide setup and modification of device configurations and backup jobs, including snapshots and ProtectPoint
  • Unified Data Protection Search for content-based search, and recovery of backup data across NetWorker and Avamar with the Data Protection Suite Family
  • Automates data protection services by chaining tasks into policies that act as service tiers for simplifying data protection management and quick onboarding
  • The same enterprise-level user experience whether protecting applications and data residing within a data center or the public cloud
  • NetWorker Virtual Edition--NetWorker server pre-packaged as a virtual appliance for rapid deployment in the Software Defined Data Center
  • Long-term retention to private, hybrid, or public clouds with the Data Protection Suite Family and CloudBoost™
  • VMware backup management through tight integration with VMware vCenter™
  • Automate common workflows through REST API
  • Multi-tenancy enables private cloud-based backup services
  • Common sign-on using LDAP and Active Directory

Key Features:

  • Centralized Management: Eases administration with a simple graphical user interface, wizard-based configuration and management, and a common catalog
  • Enterprise-Class Backup and Recovery: Works with a wide range of protocols, operating systems, business-critical applications, storage platforms, and virtualized environments
  • Cloud Enabled: With EMC CloudBoost, NetWorker delivers highly efficient and secure long-term retention of backups to EMC Elastic Cloud Storage private cloud, the Virtustream Storage Cloud enterprise-class public cloud, and other select public cloud offerings.
  • High Performance and Scale: Built to protect the largest enterprise
  • Industry-Leading Deduplication: Integrated with EMC Data Domain and EMC Avamar for easy, fast, and reliable data deduplication
  • Integrated Snapshot Management: Provides built-in data protection for block and file storage arrays that include VMAX, VNX, Isilon, and NetApp Filers
  • Broad Application Support: Enables application-consistent backup and recovery of business-critical databases and applications including email, collaboration, and electronic medical records (EMR).


Centralized Management

  • Simplifies, centralizes, and automates backup and recovery for heterogeneous enterprise data
  • Supports extensive operating system and virtual server environments
  • Streamlines protection of database, email, and ERP applications
  • Enables and automates data protection services in support of enterprise data protection plans
  • Enables long-term retention of backups to private, hybrid or public clouds with the Data Protection Suite Family with CloudBoost

Traditional and deduplication backup and recovery

  • Provides common management interface and single catalog for all backups
  • Reduces backup times, required network bandwidth, and total backup storage required
  • Enables tape-free disaster recovery

Simple and Easy To Use

  • Simplifies management with central, web-based graphical user interface
  • Provides the same enterprise-level user experience whether protecting applications and data residing within a data center or the public cloud
  • Unified Data Protection Search for easy backup search and recovery when used with the Data Protection Suite Family
  • Easy-to-deploy NetWorker Virtual Edition quickly enables backup and recovery for the Software Defined Data Center
  • Supports tiered protection and flexible recovery options
  • Automate common workflows through REST API


NetWorker Specifications
Solution Size (Users) 100 to 499 users
500 to 1,000 users
More than 1,000 users
Backup-to-Disk Platforms EMC Data Domain Systems
EMC Disk Library 4000/5000
Tape Libraries Sun
Database Platforms Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SharePoint
IBM Domino (Lotus)
Product NetWorker Products
Solution For Data Protection
Backup and Disaster Recovery
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Dell Storage Products
Data Protection Software
Dell EMC NetWorker Data Protection Software
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