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Dell EMC CloudIQ
AIOPs for Intelligent Infrastructure Insights

Dell EMC CloudIQ

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Dell EMC CloudIQ
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Cloud-based AIOps application for core, edge and cloud

CloudIQ combines proactive monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics so you can take quick action and simplify operations of your on-premises infrastructure and data protection in the cloud.

CloudIQ supports a broad range of Dell Technologies products, including: servers (PowerEdge), storage (PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerScale, PowerVault, Unity XT, XtremIO, and SC Series), data protection (PowerProtect DD and PowerProtect Data Manager), converged and hyperconverged infrastructure (VxBlock, VxRail, and PowerFlex), and networking (PowerSwitch for Ethernet/Connectrix for SAN) - plus Dell Technologies APEX Data Storage Services.

Intelligent insights anywhere, anytime, to help you:

  • Reduce Risk with proactive heath notifications and predictive analytics that pinpoint deviations and performance impacts to speed trouble-shooting and resolution
  • Plan ahead to meet your business needs with capacity full projections and anomaly detection
  • Improve productivity of staff and collaborate better with a single view of your IT environment, custom reports and third-party software integrations

Why spend hours troubleshooting? Resolve issues up to three times faster1 with CloudIQ

Get smarter with cloud-based monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics. Share productivity-proven dashboards and real-time customizable reports with your stakeholders.

Monitoring that Matters

Telemetry and alerts from your Dell EMC infrastructure portfolio all in one place. No more jumping from tool to tool searching for the data you need to know what is happening across systems and locations.

Machine Learning that Informs

Built-in intelligence that learns normal capacity consumption and performance behavior and adjusts over time as demand changes. No more guessing about what’s normal or not, so you know what needs fixing.

Analytics that Predict

Smart analytic algorithms that create insight from ML to tell you when capacity and performance will hit a wall before it happens. No more crossing your fingers now that you can drill down from one UI to see it all.

Get smarter with proactive monitoring, machine learning and predictive analytics

CloudIQ is the cloud-based proactive monitoring and predictive analytics application for the Dell EMC infrastructure portfolio. It combines the human intelligence of expert engineering and the machine intelligence of AI/ML to provide you with the insight to more efficiently and proactively manage your IT infrastructure to meet business demand.

The CloudIQ portal displays your Dell EMC infrastructure systems in one view to simplify monitoring across your core and secondary data centers and edge locations as well as data protection in public clouds. With CloudIQ, you can more easily assure that critical business workloads get the capacity and performance they need, spend less time monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure, and spend more time innovating and focusing on projects that add new value to your business.

One Portal for Enterprise Visibility

CloudIQ supports the Dell EMC infrastructure portfolio for multi-system/multisite visibility:

  • Server: PowerEdge
  • Storage: PowerStore, PowerMax, PowerScale, PowerVault, Unity XT, XtremIO, and SC Series
  • Data Protection: PowerProtect DD Series (including DD Virtual Edition) and PowerProtect Data Manager
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: VxRail and PowerFlex
  • Converged Infrastructure: VxBlock
  • Network: PowerSwitch (Ethernet/LAN) and Connectrix (SAN)
  • Cloud Services: APEX Data Storage Services

You can access CloudIQ from a browser and from the CloudIQ mobile app on your smartphone. Getting started with CloudIQ is easy and safe, because it is hosted in the secure Dell IT Cloud. There is no software to install, maintain or update on your infrastructure or personal devices. It takes only a few clicks for you to initially connect your systems to CloudIQ through the trusted remote networking they already use to connect to Dell Technologies support services. It’s that simple.


  • Reduce Risk - by proactively notifying you about system health issues and recommending actions to address performance, capacity, cybersecurity, and other issues
  • Helps Plan Ahead - by predicting when capacity will run out so you can proactively expand storage to meet growing business data and workload demand
  • Improves Productivity - by providing intelligent insights about the full technology stack enterprise-wide in one view, by easy information sharing with team members, and by integrating health notifications and data with third-party IT applications to automate workflows


Reduce Risk

Leveraging machine learning and a suite of advanced analytics algorithms, CloudIQ helps answer key questions that you deal with every day.

  • Proactive Health Scores: Give you an at-a-glance view of issues across your environment, prioritizing them so you can easily understand the most imminent risk, see what needs to be addressed, and then quickly take appropriate action.
  • Performance Impact Analysis and Anomaly Detection: Uses machine learning and predictive analytics to zero-in on incidents that had an impact on the environment and need remediation. This allows you to distinguish activity that has caused a performance impact in the environment so you can quickly remediate.
  • Workload Contention Analysis: Identifies workloads that are competing for shared resources and need to be redistributed. Often called “noisy neighbor” analysis, this helps you optimize the performance of your important business workloads.
  • VMware Integration: Provides VM performance details plus end-to-end mapping and performance impact analysis across the data path: VM, ESXi host, datastore, network and storage. Key performance indicators and configuration changes are time-correlated for root cause.
  • Cybersecurity Monitoring: Assesses if infrastructure security configurations adhere to your policy, notifies you about misconfigurations, and recommends actions to keep your data safe.

Plan Ahead

CloudIQ helps anticipate business needs with Capacity Forecasting to more intelligently project capacity utilization, so you can plan capacity requirements and budget accordingly.

  • Capacity Full Prediction: Is focused on helping you avoid a short-term data unavailability event by predicting within a 3-month window when capacity is expected to reach full.
  • Capacity Forecasting: Helps you more intelligently project capacity utilization with selectable time frames based on machine-learned data, so you can plan capacity and budget far ahead.
  • Capacity Anomaly Detection: Identifies a sudden surge of capacity utilization that could result in imminent data unavailability. This helps you avoid the “2:00 a.m. phone calls” when capacity utilization has spiked due to conditions such as a runaway query or rogue actor in your environment.

Improve Productivity

CloudIQ helps improve productivity of your IT resources and staffing through breadth, flexibility, and integration.

  • Breadth of coverage: Having a single portal for monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure across all your locations, including data protection in public clouds, simplifies operations and improves productivity. According to user feedback, CloudIQ results in 2X to 10X faster time-to-resolution of issues1 and up to 16 hours saved per week .
  • Collaboration and communication: Proactive notification of issues and customizable ways to view and share information that improve productivity. CloudIQ proactively sends health notifications and recommendations via email and keeps data in your hands anywhere/anytime via mobile app. You can also customize, schedule, and share reports about groups of systems and locations that matter to you, your team, and your stakeholders.
  • Integration for Automated Workflow: Send CloudIQ notifications and data to third-party applications via Webhook and REST API to accelerate IT processes. Examples include ServiceNow (for ticketing), Slack (for DevOps notifications); Microsoft Teams (for escalation), plus Ansible and VMware vRealize (for automating corrective actions in the infrastructure).

Immediate Time to Value

You can start using CloudIQ with two easy steps after your Dell EMC system is up and running.

  • First connect your system with Secure Remote Services, or Support Assist, which will send telemetry data to CloudIQ.
  • Next, go to, enter your Dell EMC ProSupport or ProSupport+ credentials, and you’ll be authenticated and able to start using CloudIQ at no additional cost.

CloudIQ is hosted in the secure Dell Technologies Private Cloud, providing you immediate time-to-value. With its continuous (agile) development process, Dell Technologies constantly, seamlessly, and non-disruptively updates CloudIQ in its private cloud, giving you instant and secure access to the latest and greatest features.


CloudIQ Overview

Intelligent Performance Tracking and Anomaly Detection

Intelligent Capacity Prediction

VM and End-to-End Data Path Performance

System Health Scores

Cybersecurity Risk Details and Recommendations


Dell EMC CloudIQ Datasheet (.PDF)

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Dell EMC CloudIQ
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