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Dell EMC XtremIO X2
Next-Generation All-Flash Array

Dell EMC XtremIO X2

Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC XtremIO X2 All-Flash Array
Dell EMC XtremIO X2-T Single Brick
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-R 1 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-R 2 Brick Cluster
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Dramatically improve IT operational efficiency, transform application workflows with copy data management, and reduce storage capacity requirements with inline data deduplication, all while delivering consistent high performance and advanced availability options with Dell EMC XtremIO.

The Purpose-Built Enterprise All-Flash Array

Modern data centers require storage that can consistently meet heavy performance demands, provide un-paralleled support to manage the entire virtual workload lifecycle, and deliver demanding SLAs. Dell EMC XtremIO, the purpose-built all-flash array, is designed for this virtual era. With multi-dimensional scalability, in-memory metadata, unmatched storage efficiency, rich application integrated copy services, metadata-aware replication, and unprecedented management simplicity, XtremIO delivers on the promise of a simple, agile, scalable, fully-virtualized data center - all while minimizing infrastructure footprint and TCO.

Efficient architecture

Leading efficiency with deduplication and compression

Consistent performance

>1M IOPS at 0.22ms, inline all the time data services with no performance impact

Agile copy management

Rich application integration and no compromise copy services

Differentiated Architecture

Dell EMC XtremIO is a purpose-built all-flash array that provides consistent high performance with low latency; unmatched storage efficiency with inline, all-the-time data services; rich application integrated copy services; and unprecedented management simplicity.

The next-generation platform, XtremIO X2, builds upon unique features of XtremIO to provide even more agility and simplicity for your data center and business. Content-aware, in-memory metadata and inline, all-thetime data services have made XtremIO the ultimate platform for virtual server and desktop environments and workloads that benefit from efficient copy data management. The architecture offers two times faster VMware XCOPY operations, which can reach as high as 40 GB/s bandwidth due to being an in memory operation.

X2 includes inline, all-the-time data services: thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, synch and asynch replication, D@RE, XtremIO virtual copies (XVC), and double SSD failure protection with zero performance impact. Only XtremIO’s unique in-memory metadata architecture can accomplish this.

XtremIO Advanced Data Services

Volumes are always thin-provisioned. XtremIO’s in-memory deduplication is global-across the entire XtremIO cluster, irrespective of the number of X-Bricks in a cluster. This means that XtremIO only writes unique data- data that the entire cluster didn’t see in its I/O history-to the SSDs. This inline deduplication not only saves significant capacity but can also improve performance. Inline compression also adds to XtremIO’s data reduction efficiencies.

XtremIO Virtual Copies (XVC) help provision and deploy space-efficient, instant virtual data copies without impacting system performance. Compared to legacy arrays, X2 enables average savings of 4 to 20 times of the amount of physical capacity needed thanks to all these data reduction methods. XVC Snapshots can be read/write, read/only, management protected (non-deletable) or secure (immutable) for flexible protection.

XtremIO has developed a flash-based data protection algorithm that offers better than RAID 1 performance with better than RAID 5 capacity savings and protection comparable to RAID 6. It provides dual parity with as little as 10 percent capacity overhead. In addition, all data services are included with the platform at no additional charge.

X2 provides consistent performance for all block sizes and all read/write mixes throughout the lifecycle of the array. And integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) capabilities enable you to create, refresh, and restore thousands of production copies, and run workloads on them, without performance impact or any storage overhead-accelerating business agility.


Performance and Efficiency

  • Predictable and consistent high performance with low submillisecond latency
  • 4 to 20 times data reduction using inline deduplication, compression, XtremIO Virtual Copies, and thin provisioning
  • Ease of use-nothing to configure or tune


  • Exceed the toughest SLAs for virtualized workloads
  • Enable near real-time copies of production datasets
  • Provide self-service operations for infrastructure and application teams

Business Benefits

  • Utilize unique copy data management capabilities to unlock business agility through improved workflows
  • Reduce cost by one third and provide more efficient scaling options
  • Offers flexible, efficient and scalable native data protection options
  • Achieve two times longer storage product lifecycles than traditional arrays
  • Experience/Receive investment protection via Dell EMC’s FutureProof Loyalty Program


Integrated Copy Data Management

XtremIO pioneered the concept of iCDM-the ability to consolidate both primary data and its associated copies on a scalable all-flash array for unprecedented agility and efficiency. iCDM offers application integration, orchestration, and self-service for all copies. With XVC, you can provision copies that are immediately usable by the application, enabling fast deployments and ensuring those deployed copies are fully functional.

XtremIO Integrated Copy Data Management

XtremIO exposes its agile and efficient copy services to application teams via Dell EMC AppSync software. AppSync provides application integration and orchestration services for XVC. It simplifies and automates the process of creating and consuming XVC for iCDM use cases. AppSync also provides local and remote recovery using XVC and replication technologies. Its deep application integration enables application owners or DBAs to satisfy copy demand for operational recovery and data repurposing. An AppSync iCDM Starter Bundle is included with every XtremIO purchase.

X2 with Version 6.3 XIOS software delivers up to four times as many XVCs per cluster as compared to the previous version. This enables you to take virtual copies more frequently and retain them for longer periods of time. This is important for organizations that are using iCDM for data protection because it will allow them to set even shorter recovery point objectives (RPOs) and retain more restoration points-in-time.

Multi-Dimensional Scalability with Lower TCO

XtremIO X2 has the ability to scale out while also allowing customers to scale up the capacity for their workloads. The hardware building block for XtremIO is X-Brick. Each X-Brick in fact consists of two active-active controller nodes, with no single point of failure, packaged together. The X-Bricks are built entirely on enterprise-grade hardware components. X2 multi-dimensional scalability enables you to scale up by adding as few as two SSDs at a time to a single X2 X-Brick. You can also scale out with additional X-Bricks-including partially populated X-Bricks. What’s more, the Online Cluster Expansion (OCE) capabilities enable you to do all of this without impacting performance or application downtime.

X2 leverages powerful Intel CPUs and expanded memory to optimize performance and enable consistent sub-millisecond latency. XtremIO X2 X-Bricks are available in three models: X2-S, X2-T and X2-R.

Configuration X-Brick Minimum Raw X-Brick Maximum Raw X-Brick Typical Max Effective*
X2-S (400GB) 7.2 TB / 6.6 TiB
(18 drives)
7.2 TB / 6.6 TiB
(72 drives)
99.5 TB / 90.5 TiB
X2-R (1.92TB) 34.6 TB / 31.4 TiB
(18 drives)
69.1 TB / 62.9 TiB
(36 drives)
247 TB / 224.6 TiB
X2-R (1.92TB) 34.6 TB / 31.4 TiB
(18 drives)
138.2 TB / 125.7 TiB
(72 drives)
494.8 TB / 450 TiB
X2-R (3.84TB) 69.1 TB / 62.9 TiB
(18 drives)
230.4 TB / 209.6 TiB
(60 drives)
815.1 TB / 741.3 TiB

* Effective capacity assumes 4:1 DRR, and 88%-90% useable capacity

Software-Driven Performance and Efficiency Improvements

Hardware improvements alone can only take a platform so far. With the release of X2, Dell EMC introduced enhanced data reduction algorithms to improve data reduction by 25 percent4 on average. XIOS software incorporates specific optimizations to greatly improve performance across the board but especially boosts small block IO performance. X2 combined with XIOS dramatically improves application performance for up to 80 percent better response time5 and 40 percent more concurrent users for VDI. There are also a number of enhancements to user experience that simplify administration.

XtremIO has always provided simple, easy-to-use management. XIOS delivers an HTML5 user interface for consumer-grade simplicity with enterprise-class features. The improved user interface includes:

  • Contextual, automated workflow suggestions for management activities
  • Advance reporting and analytics that make it easy to troubleshoot
  • Global search to quickly find that proverbial needle in a haystack

XtremIO provides a powerful HTML5 user interface

The simple, yet powerful user interface drives efficiency by enabling storage administrators to spend less time on storage provisioning and performance tuning and more time on strategic IT initiatives.

Delivering Efficiency and Simplicity at Scale

XtremIO combines efficiency and simplicity for deployment and administration of not only the array but also for all workloads that reside on it. Architectural planning sessions for applications are drastically simplified with XtremIO’s consistent and predictable response times in a scalable deployment that can grow to meet the future needs of your business.

The XtremIO platform is truly unique in its ability to transform your virtual infrastructure and application lifecycle strategies. With unmatched data efficiencies and rich application integration XtremIO X2 provides no compromise copy services and consistent performance.

Increase your agility and efficiency without increasing your physical capacity requirements through the use of XtremIO Virtual Copies and Integrated Copy Data Management. Revolutionize your approach to Dev/Test and all of your data repurposing needs with XtremIO X2.

XtremIO Replication- The Industry’s Most Efficient Replication

XtremIO offers extreme flexibility and efficiency by optimizing data availability options to best meet any business requirements. Synchronous and Asynch native replication is available concurrently to cater for mission critical as well as business critical data protection needs, as required by the customer. Synchronous mode provides zero data loss replication between XtremIO X2 systems over distances of ~60 miles / 100 kms (5ms round trip latency). Asynch replication offers operational simplicity by leveraging XtremIO’s legendary in-memory snapshots delivering full operational recovery for disaster situations, with RPO’s of 30 seconds, even under heavy load and covering limitless distances. In fact, XtremIO X2 replication requires up to 38% less storage for fan-in topologies2. Setup and configuration is extremely simple in both cases and is integrated with XVC snaps to ensure flexibility of recovery points in the event of a DR.

Asynch Replication uses always-on inline data reduction services, including compression and deduplication minimizing WAN usage. This significantly reduces WAN bandwidth requirements by 75% or greater3, enabling IT departments to utilize WAN bandwidth for other IT applications. Additionally, this unique capability of X2 replication allows replication of heavy workloads without compromising RPOs. At no point is there a need to disable replication or any other data service to allow another data service to run. If using synchronous replication and issues arise with the link, the array will merely switch to asynch-mode and continue serving your applications.

Ensuring Quality of Service

In a multi-tenant containerized application and DevOps environment, storage infrastructure is shared among a variety of servers and applications. Whenever an application overloads the storage in such an environment, it can affect other applications sharing that storage infrastructure (noisy neighbors), leading to resource contention and reduced performance for critical applications. XtremIO QoS ensures the service of volumes, CGs and IGs for various enterprise use cases, improving storage resource allocation between multiple workloads and allowing policy-based maximum bandwidth limitations to be configured.

Cloud-enabled monitoring for XtremIO systems

XtremIO X2 also introduces CloudIQ integration enabling administrators to remotely monitor the health and availability of their XtremIO storage infrastructure. CloudIQ provides a single, simple, display to monitor and predict the health of the XtremIO and other Dell EMC storage environments. Customers can, from a single dashboard: see a Proactive Health Score to help reduce and even eliminate risk in their environment; and utilize Predictive Analytics and Anomaly Detection to aid in identifying and avoiding potential problems.

CloudIQ makes it simple to track storage health, report on historical trends, plan for future growth, and proactively discover and remediate issues from any browser or mobile device.

The Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty Program

XtremIO X2 is included in Dell EMC’s Future-Proof Loyalty Program which is designed to provide our customers with investment protection and with a set of world class technology capabilities to provide value for the entire lifetime of your applications. The Future-Proof Loyalty program is different because it is available to our customers at no additional cost either in terms of higher maintenance price or higher product price. The program includes a 3 year product satisfaction guarantee, hardware investment protection, clear price maintenance, all-inclusive software, a 3:1 data reduction guarantee and a 5:1 storage efficiency guarantee, never worry data migrations, all-inclusive software, flexible consumption models, and cloud mobility, protection and management. Designed to ensure Dell EMC customers feel confident in their Dell EMC purchasing decision.

Technical Specifications:

  1 Brick Cluster 2 Bricks Cluster 3 Bricks Cluster 4 Bricks Cluster
System Specifications
Active-Active Controllers 2 4 6 8
SSD enclosures 1 2 3 4
Number of SSDs (2TB Drives) 18-721 36-144 54-216 72-288
Number of SSDs2 (4TB Drives) 18-60 36-120 54-180 72-240
Cable mgmt. ducts3 1 1 2 2
InfiniBand Switches 0 2 2 2
Power Socket Number/Type (internal to rack) 6 x IEC C14 16 x IEC C14 22 x IEC C14 28 x IEC C14
Weight4 (including rack) 293Kg/646lb 400Kg/882lb 490Kg/1080lb 580Kg/1278lb
Weight4 (excluding rack) 95Kg/209lb 202Kg/445lb 292Kg/644lb 382Kg/842lb
Rack Space (incl. CMD) 5U 11U 16U 20U
Performance (100% random IOs, no caching, on preconditioned & prefilled arrays)
IOPS 100% read (8K blocks) 430,000 860,000 1,290,000 1,720,000
IOPS 70% read, 30% write (8K blocks) 220,000 440,000 660,000 880,000
Average Latency (ms) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Max. Bandwidth (GB/s) 6 12 18 24
Host Connectivity (Default/iSCSI only config5)
Fibre Channel Ports (16Gbps) 4 8 12 16
iSCSI Ethernet Ports (10Gbps) 4-8 8-16 12-24 16-32
Ethernet Ports (10Gbps) 2 2 2 2
Management IP Addresses Required 2+1 (XMS) 2+1 (XMS) 2+1 (XMS) 2+1 (XMS)
XMS Management Server A single XMS (physical server or VM) manages multiple XtremIO arrays, requires IP address
2TB drives X2-T X2-R
X2-T Single Brick 1 Brick Cluster 2 Bricks Cluster 3 Bricks Cluster 4 Bricks Cluster
Raw Capacity 34.6TB - 69.1TB
31.4TiB - 62.9TiB
34.6TB - 138.2TB
31.4TiB - 125.7TiB
69.1TB - 276.5TB
62.9TiB - 251.5TiB
103.7TB - 414.7TB
94.3TiB - 377.2TiB
138.2TB - 553.0TB
125.7TiB - 502.9TiB
Usable Capacity6 27.9TB - 61.5TB
25.4TiB - 56.2TiB
27.9TB - 123.7TB
25.4TiB - 112.5TiB
55.8TB - 247.4TB
50.8TiB - 225TiB
83.7TB - 371.1TB
76.2TiB - 337.5TiB
111.6TB - 494.8TB
101.6TiB - 450TiB
Effective Capacity7 369 TB 738 TB 1476 TB 2214 TB 2958 TB
Power Consumption (steady state) 1400-1550VA 1400-1700VA 3000-3510VA 4420-5200VA 5850-6900VA
Cooling Requirements 4,800-5,300 BTU/Hr 4,800-5,800 BTU/Hr 10,240-12,000 BTU/Hr 15,090-17,750 BTU/Hr 20,000-23,550 BTU/Hr
CPU Haswell, dual socket
(48 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(48 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(96 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(144 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(192 cores)
RAM 1.28TB or 2TB8 2TB 4TB 6TB 8TB
4TB drives X2-R
1 Brick Cluster 2 Bricks Cluster 3 Bricks Cluster 4 Bricks Cluster
Raw Capacity 69.1TB - 230TB
62.8TiB - 209.5TiB
138TB - 460TB
125.8TiB - 419TiB
207.3TB - 690TB
188.4TiB - 628.5TiB
276.4TB - 920TB
251.2TiB - 838TiB
Usable Capacity6 56.4TB - 203.7TB
51.3TiB - 185.3TiB
112.8TB - 407.4TB
102.6TiB - 370.6TiB
169.2TB - 611.1TB
153.9TiB - 555.9TiB
225.6TB - 841.8TB
205.2TiB - 741.2TiB
Effective Capacity7 1220 TB 2440 TB 3661 TB 4881 TB
Power Consumption (steady state) 1400-1700VA 3000-3510VA 4420-5200VA 5850-6900VA
Cooling Requirements 4,800-5,800 BTU/Hr 10,240-12,000 BTU/Hr 15,090-17,750 BTU/Hr 20,000-23,550 BTU/Hr
CPU Haswell, dual socket
(48 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(96 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(144 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(192 cores)
1 Brick Cluster 2 Bricks Cluster 3 Bricks Cluster 4 Bricks Cluster
Raw Capacity 7.2TB - 28.8TB
6.55TiB - 26.2TiB
14.4TB - 57.6TB
13.1TiB - 52.4TiB
21.6TB - 86.4TB
19.7TiB - 78.6TiB
28.8TB - 115.2TB
26.2TiB - 104.8TiB
Usable Capacity6 5.4TB - 24TB
4.9TiB - 22TiB
11TB - 49TB
10TiB - 45TiB
16TB - 74TB
15TiB - 67TiB
21TB - 99TB
20TiB - 90TiB
Effective Capacity7 132 TB 271 TB 406 TB 543 TB
Power Consumption (steady state) 1300-1580VA 2890-3410VA 4420-5200VA 5510-6550VA
Cooling Requirements 4,440-5,400 BTU/Hr 9,870-11,640 BTU/Hr 14,340-17,070 BTU/Hr 18,810-22,360 BTU/Hr
CPU Haswell, dual socket
(48 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(96 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(144 cores)
Haswell, dual socket
(192 cores)
RAM 768GB 1.54TB 2.30TB 3.07TB
X2 Brick Array Controller
AC Input Voltage9 90-264V, 47-63Hz single phase
Rack Space 1U
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 43.2mm x 438mm x 756mm (1.7” x 17.25” x 29.75”)
Weight 16kg (35 lbs.)
Power Consumption (typical, @25C) [X2-S/X2-R] 450VA / 500VA
Power Socket Number/Type 2 x IEC C14
X2 Brick Disk Array Enclosure (DAE)
AC Input Voltage9 100-240V, 50-60Hz single phase
Rack Space 2U
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 88.9mm x 438mms x 927.1mm (3.5” x 17.25” x 36.5”)
Weight 44kg (97 lbs.)
Power Consumption (typical, @25C ,18 to 72 SSDs) 270VA-550VA
Power Socket Number/Type 2 x IEC C14
X2-R InfiniBand Switch (Two Included with Multi X-Brick Systems)
Ports 36
AC Input Voltage9 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Rack Space 1U
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 43.7mm x 428mm x 686mm (1.72” x 16.84” x 27”)
Weight 11.5kg (25 lbs.)
Power Consumption (typical, @25C) 106VA
Power Socket Number/Type 2 x IEC C14
X2-S InfiniBand Switch (Two Included with Multi X-Brick Systems)
Ports 12
AC Input Voltage9 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Rack Space 1U
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 43.7mm x 200mm x 399mm (1.72” x7.9” x 15.7”)
Weight 3.2kg (7.1 lbs.)
Power Consumption (typical, @25C) 100VA
Power Socket Number/Type 2 x IEC C14
Operating Temperature 5° to 40°C
Non-Operating Temperature -20° to 50°C
Operating Relative Humidity 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Relative Humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Regulatory and Compliance10 ASHRAE A3 and See Note 10.
System AC Input Voltage9
(single phase, 3-phase WYE, 3-phase Delta)
200-240V, 50-60Hz

1 X2-T can support up to 36 SSDs
2 4TB drives are supported in X2-R SSD enclosures, up to 60 X 4TB SSDs per enclosure
3 CMD - Cable Management Duct. optional.
4 These are X2-R values. For X2-S multi-brick weight subtract 16Kg (single bricks weigh the same).
5 Cluster can be configured to have only iSCSI connections and no FC connections
6 Usable capacity is the amount of unique, non-compressible data that can be written into the array.
7 Effective capacity includes the benefits of thin provisioning, inline global deduplication, inline compression, and spaceefficient copies. Datasheet numbers are a representative example at 6:1 and will vary based on each customer's specific application environment and use of the XtremIO array.
8 Depends on ship date
9 Note that RPQ process is required in order to work under low line voltage input. 10 DELL EMC Information Technology Equipment is compliant with all currently applicable regulatory requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Product Safety, and Environmental Regulations where placed on market. Detailed regulatory information and verification of compliance is available at the Dell Regulatory Compliance website.

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Dell EMC XtremIO X2 Datasheet (.PDF)

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Dell EMC XtremIO X2 Spec Sheet (.PDF)

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Dell Storage Products
Dell EMC XtremIO X2 All-Flash Array
Dell EMC XtremIO X2-T Single Brick
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-R 1 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-R 2 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-R 4 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-S 1 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-S 2 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-S 3 Brick Cluster
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Dell EMC XtremIO X2-S 4 Brick Cluster
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