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XtremIO All Flash Scale-Out Array
Storage Reinvented

EMC XtremeIO All-Flash Scale-Out Array

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Your data center struggles with competing requirements from your lines of business and the finance, security and IT departments. While some executives want to lower cost and increase efficiency, others want business growth and responsiveness.

But today, most data center teams are just trying to keep up with application service levels, complex workflows, and sprawling infrastructure and support costs. These processes are anything but agile, often requiring:

  • Up to 10x the storage footprint to support a single application across its production and non-production lifecycles
  • Hours or days to generate analytics on what you need to know now
  • Long development and testing cycles where only partial data sets and user loads are used in order to contain costs

If this seems familiar to you, data storage is likely a bottleneck in your business. There's a solution. With XtremIO all- flash arrays (AFAs), you can have a dynamic data services platform.

What's an Agile data center?

One that moves as fast as your business.

In IT circles, agility is a common but elusive goal, especially when you are managing initiatives such as private/ hybrid cloud, Database-as-a-Service, VDI or broad consolidation for Oracle, SAP and Microsoft applications. To be agile in a complex environment, your storage must be able to:

  • Consolidate workloads to get the performance and scale to run everything on a single array with headroom for tomorrow's application demands.
  • Eliminate storage "sprawl" through advanced copy data management features, and deliver all-flash performance across entire workflows, not just for production.
  • Automate storage and application processes so you can quickly and easily create copies, map them to appropriate servers and refresh development and test instances at will - all instantly and without a hiccup in performance.

Only XtremIO offers these capabilities in an all-flash array. And with them comes a new world of possibilities that have never been attainable until now.

Storage Agility Benefits from XtremIO


  • Linear scale-out performance - always consistent, sub-millisecond
  • Pooled storage and on-demand expansion
  • Mixed-workload consolidation across production/ non-production and workflow applications
  • Incredibly easy to use - nothing to configure or tune


  • Exceed the toughest SLAs for consolidated and growing workloads
  • Enable real-time analytics and agile dev/test
  • Self-service operations for infrastructure and application teams
  • Unparalleled array-based copy data management


  • Data-center-driven business innovation
  • Up to 50% lower OPEX and CAPEX
  • 2x longer storage product lifecycles

Bring all-flash, scale-out storage to your enterprise applications with EMC XtremIO. Purpose-built for flash, XtremIO storage arrays are amazingly fast. Delivering high IOPS at less than 1 millisecond latency is just the start. EMC XtremIO helps you harness the power of flash storage by building in innovations like content-based data placement and dual-stage metadata.

As a result, you'll have predictable and balanced performance, always-on data reduction, thin provisioning, data protection, writeable snapshots, encryption, and simple storage provisioning. Ideal for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), virtual server infrastructure, databases and analytics, and mixed workload consolidation.

Choose an EMC XtremIO system and scale out linearly by adding more XtremIO X-Bricks.

System Raw Capacity Read/Write IOPS Read IOPS
Starter X-Brick 5 TB 150K 250K
1 X-Brick 10, 20, or 40 TB 150K 250K
2 X-Brick Cluster 20, 40, or 80 TB 300K 500K
4 X-Brick Cluster 40, 80, or 160 TB 600K 1M
6 X-Brick Cluster 120 or 240 TB 900K 1.5M
8 X-Brick Cluster 160 or 320 TB 1.2M 2M

Key Features:

  • Scales to more than 1,612 TB effective capacity per cluster
  • Inherently load balances data for maximum performance without tuning
  • Provides writeable snapshots with space efficiency and zero performance impact
  • Delivers truly inline, always-on data deduplication to reduce capacity needs and TCO
  • Enables operational and disaster recovery using native replication with EMC RecoverPoint
  • Application data protection management: AppSync
  • Includes XtremIO Data Protection (XDP): more resilient and lower overhead than legacy RAID
  • EMC XtremIO Xpect More Program: Lock in Premium Support pricing for up to 7 years

Use Cases:

The solution areas and use cases for XtremIO AFAs continue to proliferate. Customers often begin with a single workload, but once they experience the transformational workflow first hand, they come back for more. In fact, about 50 percent of XtremIO's typical sales come from repeat customers.

Private/Hybrid Cloud and Mixed Workloads
XtremIO enables the first true Database-as-aService and Application-as-a-Service solutions. Whether it's private cloud, hybrid cloud or a physical environment, XtremIO transforms them all. Together.

Databases and Analytics
XtremIO provides a revolutionary scale-out database storage platform that consolidates and accelerates production, dev/test, and BI/analytics workflows with incredible data reduction and copy services. XtremIO transforms databases including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra, and analytics platforms such as SAS and Splunk.

Software DevOps
XtremIO can dramatically lower build times, increase testing coverage, launch products faster and improve deployment sprint, test and iteration cycles

Enterprise Business Applications
SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft applications power virtually every business, but they struggle with performance at peak times. XtremIO delivers consistent performance with sub-millisecond latency, enabling you to meet all your SLAs 24 x 7 x 365.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
XtremIO enables complete enterprise-scale VDI for all your users across all desktop types. It offers a consistent local-flash user experience coupled with data reduction efficiencies that make it more cost effective than traditional storage. New initiatives including BYOD, 3D Graphics, or Desktop-as-aService (DaaS) are easy with XtremIO's scale-out performance and radical simplicity.

Microsoft Exchange Server
Are you experiencing mailbox and message volume sprawl? XtremIO instantly makes your Exchange Server environment more agile and scalable. It fundamentally changes how the Exchange application and databases consume capacity, resulting in unprecedented efficiency, workflow speed and consistent user performance.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
XtremIO delivers what Epic, Meditech and Cerner customers have sought for years: consistent, predictable latency at massive scale, under huge loads, with multiple consolidated instances for the most productive healthcare experience and regulatory compliance.

All of the above. And more.

Many XtremIO customers combine multiple mixed workloads in their agile data centers. Every day, XtremIO customers are discovering new use cases and solution areas. What will you innovate?

Solution Spotlight Transform:

Transform your analytics and database workloads

Case study: Baillie Gifford consolidates its oracle workloads for breakthrough results

The leading UK investment management firm consolidated all of its workloads into an agile all-flash data center for 54% TCO savings

XtremIO before and after

Databases are the heart of your business, but it's hard to keep up with their growth and SLAs. Even worse, copy operations across the database lifecycle, analytics and other downstream applications are incredibly slow, painful and wasteful, usually requiring hours or days to create brute-force copies.

The result? Too many limitations and a static environment that's difficult to change and grow. With the combination of XtremIO's unique scale-out all-flash architecture, data reduction and copy services, you get the IOPS, bandwidth and effective capacity required to safely consolidate all the database and analytics workloads across your data center, with consistent sub-millisecond latencies to meet all SLAs.

And that's just the beginning. With these powerful copy services, your teams can deploy as many copies as frequently as they want, with on-demand reporting and ETLs for real-time analytics. The result is not only dramatically simplified infrastructure at much lower cost, but true workflow agility across the entire database lifecycle and all the downstream applications that rely on it.

Transform private clouds and application-as-a-service.

Even for the most sophisticated private cloud operations, legacy storage keeps your application and infrastructure teams in reactive mode. XtremIO's flexible private cloud platform allows you to consolidate applications and data, providing consistent and predictable scale-out performance for all workloads and all end users.

XtremIO supercharges virtualization and DevOps initiatives. We bring new capabilities to your software platforms, such as rapid VM cloning and recycling, and deliver optimal, dynamically responsive programmable and automated Continuous Development processes. In addition, Database-as-a-Service, SAP-as-a-Service, and all Applicationas-a-Service workflows are easier and more scalable, agile and cost-effective than you ever thought possible.

Case study: first national technology solutions (fnts) provisions integrated clouds built on XtremIO

A leading Midwest managed services provider enables clients to manage their cloud storage assets as easily as on-premise and achieve unprecedented value.

Integrated clouds built on xtremio

Three Innovations:

In recent industry research, Gartner named XtremIO the top selling all-flash array vendor and also positioned the company as a Magic Quadrant Leader. Wikibon highlights the major differences across the architectural generations of AFAs, with XtremIO recognized as the most comprehensive fourth-generation array on the market. XtremIO delivers not just the fastest, most reliable AFA in the industry, but also offers patented technology that delivers three revolutionary storage breakthroughs:

The Industry's Only Linear Scale-Out Architecture
Earlier-generation AFAs can scale up, but with decreasing efficiency. Only XtremIO can scale out to multiple n-way active controllers with linear increases in IOPS, bandwidth, and of course capacity- all with the same consistent sub-millisecond latency. How? With XtremIO's patented Intelligent Content Engine™, which uses a data fingerprinting process that inherently keeps the array balanced. So you don't have to.

Inline, Always-on Data Services
XtremIO applies the principles of in-memory computing to the storage layer so that thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, data protection, encryption and copy services occur in real time at any scale, with no performance penalty. Only XtremIO's unique in-memory metadata architecture can accomplish this feat. Now you can finally forget about risking your SLAs with post-processed data services, system-level garbage collection and outdated snapshot technologies that hinder performance.

Copy Data Services Fully Integrated at the Storage Layer
Only XtremIO can manage copy data in memory, inside an AFA. XtremIO instantly creates full size, full performance, yet entirely spaceefficient volume copies. Now your entire environment, including production and non-production instances, can be efficiently managed on a single array with amazing economics. Give your application and infrastructure teams breakthrough workflow and business process agility by eliminating time-wasting, performance-sapping, and capacity hungry brute-force copying techniques. Now they can work on more value-added projects and innovation.

XtremIO X-Factor:

The Xtremio X-factor: world-class data center services

In addition to offering the industry's most advanced all-flash array, XtremIO uniquely offers the best-of-breed data center services for application and infrastructure management, business continuity, and converged infrastructure. When you consolidate multiple Tier- 1 workloads for your agile data center, these services will enable you to meet the highest enterprise standards.

With native integrations across EMC's portfolio, XtremIO data center services can be managed at the infrastructure, hypervisor or application layer, and are protected with the richest business continuity offerings in the market.

Only XtremIO and EMC enable you to transition from a siloed storage management approach to deeply integrated and automated workflow processes. And these are available through traditional deployments or as a private or hybrid cloud. XtremIO transforms your application workflows, saving critical amounts of time and money and even enabling application admin selfservices for your agile data center.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Application & Infrastructure Management

app and infrastructure management

Converged Infrastructure

Converged Infrastructure

Over 40% of the fortune 100 and 25% of the fortune 1000 trust Xtremio to transform their workloads. So should you

Flash storage is much more than just accelerating a siloed workload. It's about consolidating many applications throughout their production and nonproduction lifecycles in the most agile and efficient storage infrastructure model ever. And with the ability to expand your scale-out array on-demand, with no application downtime, you can multiply your workloads organically and consolidate additional workflows as they arise. At last, there is a truly future-proof storage option that doubles the storage lifecycle.

To remain agile while maintaining consistent performance, you need XtremIO. Let us show you how our unique architecture and inline-all-the-time data services deliver data-center-driven innovation, cost effective capacity, and enterprise availability to enable your agile data center.


XtremIO All-Flash Scale-Out Array
Max Raw Capacity 320.0 TB
Typical Effective Capacity with Data Reduction 1,612 TB
Storage Type SAN
Drive Type Flash SSD
Max Number of SSD Drives 200 (with the 8 X-Brick cluster)
100% Read IOPS 2,000,000
Data Reduction Services Yes
Product XtremIO Products
Solution For Scale-Out Storage
Storage Consolidation
Enterprise-Class Storage
Browse By All-Flash Storage
Primary Storage


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