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VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Storage
Flexibility is yours

VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Storage

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Flexibility is yours with the industry's most affordable unified all-flash storage: EMC VNXe3200.

This simple, efficient NAS and SAN array delivers flash at entry-level pricing without compromising on enterprise features. Get MCx multicore optimization, unified snapshots, data replication, automated storage tiering, thin provisioning, file deduplication and compression, simple management, integrated online support, and more.

Be ready to turbocharge databases, virtual servers, and transactional application performance. With EMC VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Storage, you can add more solid-state drives (SSDs) or easily convert to a hybrid flash array by adding disk drives. Get the benefits of flash performance with the economics of disk, using the included FAST Suite software.

Key Features:

  • Available in four configurations
  • Delivers up to 75,000 IOPS with predictable flash performance
  • Serves both file and block storage
  • Lets you add disk (SSD, NL-SAS, SAS), easily creating a hybrid flash array
  • Saves space with a compact 2U form factor
  • Supports multiple storage protocols: CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel

Hardware Essentials

  • The new VNXe3200 is the most affordable unified hybrid array.


  • Setup NAS or SAN in minutes with new Unisphere wizards
  • Tight VMware and Microsoft application integration
  • Integrated service ecosystem for remote monitoring and repair


  • Automated set and forget tuning with FAST
  • Reduce capacity requirements by up to 50% with thin provisioning and file deduplication
  • Flash optimized MCx multicore


  • Appsync TM simple, SLA driven protection
  • Basic and advanced protection options including snapshots, native Remote Protection and RecoverPoint
  • VSPEX proven architectures integrate the new VNXe3200 & Data Domain DD2200

All flash

  • Unified; Multi-protocol
  • Up to 75K IOPS performance
  • Affordable price, Low $/GB

Software Essentials

  • More value: Additional software features added to base software
  • Includes Unified Snapshots and new Remote Protection
  • Includes new Unisphere Central multi-system management
  • Comprehensive application support including Microsoft Exchange, SQL, VMware®, and Hyper-V


The Most Affordable Hybrid Storage

The newest member of the EMC® VNXe® Series is the most affordable unified hybrid array out there - and it's also the most capable. The new VNXe3200™ has the power of EMC's VNX2 unified storage systems - compressed into an efficient, easy-to-use package designed for resource-constrained IT departments in any size company.

The VNXe3200 adds powerful features which were only available on higher end VNX models including FAST™ VP auto-tiering, FAST Cache SSD caching, Fibre Channel host connectivity, and MCx™ multicore optimization. The new multicore enhancements alongside a beefed up quad core 2.2 GHz processor delivers up to 3X the performance compared to the previous generation VNXe3150 - supporting over 200 VM's, 2500 Exchange users, or 600 Virtual Desktops in a very small space.

The hybrid VNXe3200™ storage system retains the affordability, simplicity, and efficiency that VNXe systems are known for - including Unisphere™ awardwinning simplicity, unified connectivity, and EMC's next generation support services - to deliver an incredible value in entry-level storage.

Hybrid For Mixed Workloads

Industry analysts report that the most economical way to deploy high speed flash drive technology is in hybrid or multitier storage arrays combining lowcost, high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) with a small amount of highperformance solid-state drives (SSDs) to deliver low storage cost per I/O. Hybrid arrays have the intelligence to detect hot spots and balance workloads from SSD to HDD as required.

Common use cases include:

  • Applications -Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle
  • Private Cloud - VMware® ESX® or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Virtual Desktops and Home Directories

Simple. Efficient. Protected.

The VNXe3200 can be setup for NAS or SAN in minutes and is designed to integrate directly into your application and virtualization environments. It stores and protects your data while lowering your total costs in terms of $/IOPS and $/GB. The VNXe3200 was also designed for 99.999% availability utilizing dual controllers, flexible RAID options, and non-disruptive upgrades.


The VNXe3200 was designed with ease of use in mind.

  • You can setup DAS or NAS or SAN in less than 15 minutes with the new VNXe Configuration Wizard. With the free add-on EMC Storage Integrator for Windows you can provision storage for Microsoft applications in minutes not hours. Unisphere Central can be used for more advanced multisite deployments of mixed VNXe and VNX's.
  • Now, you can easily deploy an automated private cloud with deep VMware and Microsoft integration. The VNX family has the best virtualization integration with over 96 integration points into both VMware and Hyper-V. For three years in a row, an independent research firm Wikibon named EMC VNX and VNXe the #1 storage for VMware integration.
  • The improved, integrated service ecosystem includes EMC Secure Remote Support (ESRS) for remote monitoring and repair capabilities as well as dial home and remote chat.


The VNXe3200 also has leading edge efficiency features which lower the overall cost of the system.

  • You can boost performance while lowering costs using our hybrid array powered by EMC's FAST Suite. FAST will use SSD first and then put colder data on high capacity HDDs. FAST is automated for set it and forget it tuning.
  • Reduce capacity requirements by up to 50% with thin provisioning and file dedupe. In the past, you had to make a trade-off between performance and efficiency features. Combined with the FAST suite, you can deploy thinly provisioning LUN's and filesystems without performance degradation.
  • This system does a lot in a densely packed space. With a flash optimized architecture, MCx, 48GB RAM, and support for SSD's and HDD's, you can store up to 200 VM's in 4U.


The system delivers the right combination of built-in and add-on EMC software capabilities to support your recovery SLAs.

  • Unified Snapshots and Remote Protection provide array-based data protection and disaster recovery.
  • With AppSyncTM protect all of your critical applications in a single click, dial in the correct service level and enable application owners to drive protection.
  • RecoverPoint provides local and remote Continuous Data Protection for recovery to any point in time. You can replicate with RecoverPoint to both VNXe and VNX systems with automatic sync options and choice for RPO's.
  • You can use VSPEX® proven architectures (available from partners) to purchase a holistic (server, network, storage) architecture that integrates the new VNXe3200 & Data Domain2200 backup appliance.

VNXe3200: Most Affordable Unified All Flash Array

The VNXe3200 is EMC's most affordable unified, hybrid storage array and has earned the recognition for its leading simplicity and efficiency in entry-level storage. However, recognizing that sustained and predictable performance can also be a requirement in this segment for certain workloads, the VNXe3200 Unified All Flash Array is positioned to address this performance need. Offered in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 8TB slim 2U form factor configurations, the all flash VNXe3200 maintains its full enterprise feature-set, management simplicity, and Connect Proactive Support capability while providing a real price/performance alternative in the entry all-flash segment.


Using its MCx multicore optimization features, the VNXe3200 Unified All Flash Array is poised to support hundreds of VMs on a single system while delivering predictable performance of up to 84K IOPS (4TB) that can turbo-charge a variety of virtualized application, database, and transactional NAS workloads.


The VNXe3200 is available in 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 8TB configurations. Each is aggressively priced that help customers reduce $/IOPS and $/GB making it the most affordable Unified All Flash Array in the entry all-flash segment. The starting price for the VNXe3200 Unified All Flash Array is competitive compared to similar offerings in the entry all-flash market.


VNXe3200 Unified All Flash Array integrates SAN and NAS into one system - delivering both file and block storage in a single array while supporting multiple storage protocols (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC). In the case of the VNXe3200 Unified All Flash Array, you always have the flexibility to add more flash to the system or convert it to a hybrid flash array to deliver the performance of Flash with the cost of Disk.

VNXe Software - Your Advantage

IT environments everywhere are constantly under pressure to improve productivity while meeting service levels and keeping costs down. Whether managing one or multiple sites, simple and efficient delivery of storage services for the IT ecosystem ensures the business is optimizing virtualized applications, improving utilization and ensuring valuable data is protected and secure. VNXe supports tight integration with VMware to further facilitate efficient management of virtualized environments.

Every VNXe unified storage platform comes with base software solutions, including EMC Unisphere for application-aware management, file deduplication with compression for increased efficiency, thin provisioning for adding storage on-demand, as well as CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and FC. The VNXe3200 now includes snapshots for local data protection without additional licensing charges.

VNXe3200 Description
VNXe Base Software
  • VNXe Operating Environment
  • Unisphere Web-based Management Interface
  • Integrated Online Support Ecosystem
  • Protocols: file (NFS, CIFS, SMB3) or block (iSCSI or FC)
  • Unisphere Central (multi-system, multi-site)
  • FAST Suite
    • FAST VP - autotiering for reduced cost, higher performance
    • FAST Cache - SSD as extended cache for 3X boost
  • Monitoring & Reporting (performance tools)
  • Unified Snapshots (file and block)
  • Remote Protection - Native asynchronous block replication
  • File Deduplication & Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Event Enabler (common Anti-Virus)
  • File Level Retention
  • EMC Secure Report Support (ESRS)
EMC Storage Analytics
  • Powerful reporting and analytics tools for VMware
  • vRealize™ Operations Manager, EMC Adapter for VNXe
RecoverPoint Advanced Protection
  • RecoverPoint/EX Local
  • RecoverPoint/EX Remote licenses
  • Note: RecoverPoint Virtual Appliance (vRPA) is added by default at no additional cost and the physical RecoverPoint Appliance is an add-on option (chargeable)
AppSync Copy Management
  • Fast copy and rapid restores of VMware, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, oracle and more

Recommended Optional Software:

  • PowerPath®: intelligent multipathing and load balancing for physical and virtual environments. Licensed separately.
  • EMC Storage Integrator for Microsoft: Provision storage for Windows, Exchange, and SharePoint 4 times faster. Free download from
  • Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI): Let VMware admins manage VNXe storage from within vCenter. Free download from
  • AppSyncTM: Fast copy and rapid restores of VMware, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle and more

Comprehensive Online Support

A click on the VNXe support tab puts a world of resources at your fingertips. Download documentation or plugins, read online knowledge base articles, and watch how-to videos. Get answers faster than ever before with the integrated online support forum and live-chat capability. The system also includes the same dial-home capabilities as the VNX Series products. You can even order new drives and check licensing status from the interface.

The VNXe3200 includes a standard three-year Basic warranty, with next business day parts replacement and 5x9 remote support. An optional Enhanced warranty providing next business day onsite support and 24x7 remote support. Premium warranty upgrade options with four-hour onsite response as well as post-warranty maintenance support are also available.


The new EMC® VNXe3200™ hybrid array comes with all of the right value-add software to make it easy to manage data capacity, performance, and protection.

VNXe Base Software

More Included For No Additional Cost

The VNXe® Operating Environment is the lifeline of the integrated VNXe3200 unified hybrid system. It provides support for NAS/SAN protocols (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel), FAST Suite (FAST VP + FAST Cache), File Deduplication & Compression, Thin Provisioning, Event Enabler (common Anti-Virus), File Level Retention, and Integrated Support/Dial-Home.

EMC's FAST™ Suite unlocks the power of Flash in your VNXe3200. FAST VP saves money and time with auto-tiering from high performance SSD to high capacity disk. And you can extend your system cache by enabling EMC FAST Cache for a simple, 3X workload boost across your entire system.

Powerful Management

Every VNXe3200 now comes with the new improved Unisphere Management, Unisphere Central, and Monitoring and Reporting for VNX Family.

Integrated Data Protection

Our new snapshots - one technology for both file and block - are now very simple to create, manage, schedule, restore, and expire, and are designed to support up to 256 snapshots with comprehensive lifecycle management. New Remote Protection provides array-based asynchronous block replication, enabling users to protect critical application data.

Optional VNXe Software Bundles

Storage Analytics

EMC Storage Analytics offers powerful reporting and analytics tools for VMware environments. This is a storage-only version of vCenter™ Operations Manager with an EMC Adapter for VNXe.

More Software Choices

In addition to the enhanced VNXe Base Software and the new VNXe software bundles, the VNXe3200 can bring you the best of what EMC has to offer.

VNXe Software Choices

VNXe software choices

RecoverPoint Advanced Protection

RecoverPoint provides local and remote Continuous Data Protection for recovery to any point in time. You can replicate with RecoverPoint to both VNXe and VNX systems with automatic sync options and choice for RPO's. Includes local and remote capabilities.


Fast copy and rapid restores of VMware, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle and more


Intelligent load balancing and multi-pathing - recommended for high availability NAS or SAN deployments.

Data Protection Suite

The EMC Data Protection Suite contains EMC's powerful backup and protection software products like Networker®, Avamar®, and Data Protection Advisor all in one easy to use package.


Create your own private drop-box with EMC Syncplicity®. Gain the ability to sync and share easily within your company walls while reducing the risk of data exposure.

EMC Storage Integrator For Windows

Provision and deploy Microsoft environments 3 times faster using the built-in MMC, and provisioning wizards for Exchange, SharePoint, and Hyper-V.

Virtual Storage Integrator

With EMC's VSI, you can manage VNXe directly from vCenter.


VNXe3200 Unified All-Flash Storage Specifications
Storage Type NAS
Drive Type Flash SSD
Hybrid Drive Support SSD
Performance Optimization MCx
All Flash
Drive Enclosure 2.5" Flash (2U), 25 drives
Product VNXe Products
Solution For Entry-Level Storage
Storage Consolidation
Browse By Primary Storage
Hybrid Storage Array


Download the VNXe3200 Hardware Datasheet (PDF).

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Download the VNXe3200 Software Datasheet (PDF).

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