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VNXe1600 SAN Storage
Entry Level Block Storage

VNXe1600 SAN Storage

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EMC VNXe1600 block arrays bring proven EMC data storage and advanced features to low-cost configurations.

All EMC Store VNXe1600 storage configurations include:

  • Dual storage controllers
  • VNXe1600 Base Software including Unisphere management, FAST Cache, block snapshots, remote protection - native asynchronous replication, and thin provisioning
  • 1 GbE/10GbE iSCSI connectivity
  • Enhanced hardware and software support

About VNXe1600

Take advantage of proven EMC storage technology at our lowest entry-level pricing with VNXe1600 SAN Storage. Designed for block-level applications, VNXe1600 is ideal when you want to bring EMC VNXe advanced features to small and medium businesses (SMBs), remote office/branch office (ROBO), and departmental locations.

Benefit from MCx multicore optimization, snapshots, asynchronous data replication, thin provisioning, and integrated online support. And EMC VNXe1600 is easy to deploy in virtual environments because of extensive integration with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization.

Entry Level Block Storage

The EMC VNXe1600™ is a simple, affordable, and efficient block storage array based on the proven VNXe3200 architecture and feature set - purpose-built for price sensitive SMB and ROBO markets as well as Enterprise Workgroup and Departmental environments.

The VNXe1600 is designed to be a customer installable, easy-to-use and deploy system for small scale application and database, Exchange, and virtual server requirements. The VNXe1600 supports SSD and HDD drives, scales to 200 drives (or 400TB) and includes host connectivity options such as Fiber Channel and iSCSI (IPv4/6) with iSCSI Off Load performance - for maximum deployment flexibility.

The VNXe1600 includes a rich set of enterprise storage software functionality and advanced data services including thin provisioning to reduce capacity requirements, FAST Cache to boost performance, asynchronous block replication for DR, snapshots for local data protection, and MCx™ multicore optimization for increased processor efficiency. Additional services including software preloading, rack and stack, and certifications such as NEBS/DC are also available with VNXe1600.

Leveraging VNXe Simplicity/Efficiency

The EMC VNXe1600™ SAN architecture leverages the VNXe "ease of use and install" heritage including 99.999% (5-9's) availability and industry-leading virtualization integrations with VMware and Microsoft to meet the needs of SMB and other entry level application environments.


The VNXe1600 was designed with ease of deployment and use in mind.

  • You can setup a SAN in less than 15 minutes with the VNXe1600 Configuration Wizard. Monitoring and Reporting agent-less software provides a simple and centralized way to monitor storage capacity, utilization, and performance with automated data aggregation for report acceleration.
  • EMC Unisphere is included for simplifying application-aware management and EMC Unisphere Central can be used for a more advanced multisite deployment of hundreds of VNXe1600 systems.
  • The VNXe1600 is easily configured in virtualized applications environments with deep and industry-leading VMware and Microsoft points of integration to both vSphere and Hyper-V. These integrations include:
    • VMware: VASA, VAAI, vCenter, ESXi hosts, and more
    • Microsoft: ODX, Hyper-V, SMI-S, and more


The VNXe1600 has built-in and easy-to-use software features that improve efficiency.

  • As a hybrid array, you can optimize storage performance with EMC FAST Cache providing rapid access to frequently accessed data.
  • Easily configure the VNXe1600 with all SSDs for top performance or as a hybrid array to get the performance of flash with the cost effectiveness of disk.
  • Reduce your capacity requirements with thinly provisioned LUNs without experiencing performance degradation.
  • Protect your valuable data with built-in snapshots and replication functionality.
  • Utilize MCx multicore optimization software for core processing efficiency when running mixed and virtualized application workloads
  • Take up less floor space with the efficiently packaged VNXe1600 2U dense form factor

Virtualization Advantage

For customers who view their storage through VM administrative tools such as VMware vCenter or Microsoft System Manager, we have no-cost downloadable plugins to those consoles that let you do most of the basic element management and provisioning of an array from within those tools. This gives VM administrators the ability to manage storage from tools they already know without having to jump between different tools.

EMC Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) for VMware environments:

  • VSI dramatically simplifies management of virtualized storage with the ability to map virtual machines to storage and to self-provision storage from VMware vCenter.

EMC Storage Integrator for Windows Suite (ESI) for Microsoft environments:

  • ESI integrates with Microsoft Management Center to provision applications in less time, monitor storage health with in-depth storage topology views, and automate storage management with rich scripting libraries. ESI also includes System Center integrations such as SCOM, SCO, and SCVMM.

SMB, ROBO, and other entry level environments are constantly under pressure to keep infrastructure costs down and still be expected to improve productivity. The low cost VNXe1600, purpose-built for the entry level SAN market, delivers the simplicity, scalability, efficiency, and availability that applications in these environments require. The VNXe1600 is optimized for virtualized applications/databases, ensures valuable data is protected and secure, supports mixed workloads, and is able to deliver the performance of flash with the cost-effectiveness of disk.

Comprehensive VNXe1600 Software

The VNXe1600, designed for the price sensitive SMB and entry level block storage market, provides the most comprehensive software functionality to ensure customers have all the necessary capabilities to protect and manage their information.

comprehensive VNXe1600 software

Key Features:

  • Provides dual-controller SAN storage in 2U form factor
  • Delivers VNXe advanced features in a low-cost, block-only storage array
  • Great for small-scale applications and databases, Microsoft Exchange, virtual servers
  • Built for five 9s (99.999%) availability
  • Supports as many as 80 virtual machines
  • iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity options



  • Entry level block storage for price-sensitive environments
  • Enterprise software & advanced data services functionality included
  • Reduce capacity requirements/costs with powerful efficiency features


  • Deploy SAN solutions faster with Unisphere Web-based Management
  • Use Unisphere Central for multisystem, multi-site management
  • Highly optimized for VMware and Microsoft virtualization


  • Delivered in a small 2U footprint with 5-9's availability
  • Built-in protection with snapshots and asynchronous replication
  • Single console provisioning and management with VSI & ESI integration plug-ins

Use Cases

  • Small-scale physical/virtualized applications and databases
  • Microsoft Exchange deployments
  • Virtual Servers (supporting as many as 80 VMs)


VNXe1600 SAN Storage Specifications
Compares To HP MSA 2040
IBM Storwize V3700
Dell SCv2000
Max Raw Capacity 400.0 TB
Protocol iSCSI
Fibre Channel
Storage Type SAN
Drive Type SAS
Flash SSD
Performance Optimization MCx
FAST Cache
Drive Enclosure 2.5" SAS or Flash (2U), 25 drives
3.5" SAS, NL-SAS or Flash (2U), 12 drives
Min/Max Drives 6 to 200
Storage Processors (SPs) 2 x Intel Pentium 1403 v2 2-Core 2.6 GHz
CPU/Memory per Array 16 GB (8 GB per processor)
Product VNXe Products
Solution For Entry-Level Storage
Storage Consolidation
Browse By Primary Storage
Hybrid Storage Array


Download the VNXe1600 SAN Storage Datasheet (PDF).

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