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ViPR SRM is storage management software that increases visibility and control through multivendor capacity, performance, health and configuration analysis for traditional and software-defined storage environments.

ViPR SRM provides detailed relationship and topology views from virtual or physical hosts down through the storage infrastructure. It increases visibility into storage dependencies across virtualization technologies like VMware, Hyper-V, AIX-VIO, VPLEX, IBM SVC, and ViPR Controller. It allows storage teams to analyze historical performance trends across the data path to understand the impact traditional and software-defined storage have on applications.

ViPR SRM dashboards show block, file, and object capacity utilization and consumption trends to quickly spot where and how capacity is used and when more will be required. It continuously validates compliance with design best practices and the EMC Support Matrix to ensure the environment is always configured right to meet service level requirements.

Armed with this information, you can now assure SLAs while improving productivity and optimizing storage investments to reduce costs.

Control Storage Costs

According to leading industry analyst estimates, the data managed by enterprises is expected to grow to over 40ZB by 2020. Today's datacenters must be architected for web-scale and capable of managing billions of users and millions of applications. They must be designed for speed, agility, mobility and growth. Rapid data growth combined with increased service level expectations introduces new management challenges for traditional storage environments. EMC ViPR Controller enables IT to create a web scale infrastructure leveraging existing storage investments. ViPR SRM is a comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution that helps IT visualize, analyze, and optimize today's storage investments while providing a management framework that supports investments in software-defined storage.


ViPR SRM was built to manage the complexity of growing, heavily virtualized storage environments. With ViPR SRM, you obtain detailed relationship and topology views from the application, to the virtual or physical host, down to the LUN to identify service dependencies. You can view performance trends across the data path and identify hosts competing for resources. ViPR SRM enables you to understand and manage the impact that storage has on your applications. With this improved insight, you can optimize storage resources to control the cost of rapid data growth.

visualize infrastructure


ViPR SRM helps you analyze health, configurations and capacity growth. You can quickly spot SLA problems through custom dashboards and reports that meet the needs of a wide range of users and roles. With ViPR SRM you can also track block, file and object capacity consumption across your data centers with built in views to help you understand who is using capacity, how much they are using, and when more will be required.

Analyze Capacity

You can also continuously validate compliance with your design best practices and the EMC Support Matrix to ensure your environment is always configured right to meet service level requirements. And, you can define service levels and track consumption by disk technology, RAID type, array model, FAST policy or VMAX3 Service Level Objective to understand where and how capacity is being consumed.

continuously validate


ViPR SRM helps you optimize capacity and improve productivity to get the most out of your investments in block, file and object storage. It shows historical workloads and response times to determine if you have selected the right storage tier. It tracks capacity use by service level, FAST policy or VMAX3 Service Level Objective allowing you to create show back or chargeback reports to align application requirements with costs. It analyzes relationships between primary storage and replicas to identify the total capacity used to support an application. And, it tracks consumption of thin pools and storage groups to predict when more capacity will be required. This allows storage teams to make greater use of thin provisioning to improve utilization. Detailed capacity reporting improves planning to enhance purchasing processes and reduce costs. Armed with this information, you can optimize your storage environment to improve your ROI.

analyze trends

ViPR SRM offers a multi-tenant, browser based interface that allows you to stay productive even while away from the office with access anywhere and on any device. You can even download our app from the Apple App Store to stay connected.

Key Features:

  • Storage capacity reporting for EMC and multivendor storage environments
  • End-to-end data path visualization and performance analysis
  • Agentless discovery
  • Continuous configuration validation of design best practices and the EMC Support Matrix
  • Custom, multitenant, multi-site, mobile-access dashboards and reports
  • Support for EMC ViPR Controller



  • View relationships and topologies from application to storage array
  • Correlate application health with storage key performance indicators (KPIs)


  • Gain insight into block, file, and object capacity utilization across multivendor, traditional and software-defined storage environments
  • Validate configuration compliance


  • Align application workloads to the right tier of storage
  • Streamline capacity planning via automated trends analysis
  • Increase cost transparency through multitenant, chargeback or show-back reporting


VIPR SRM Specifications
Virtualization Support VMware vSphere
Microsoft Hyper-V
Database Platforms Oracle
Microsoft SQL Server
Storage Platforms All VNX Series products
Symmetrix DMX
VMAX 10K, 20K, 40K
Data Domain
Data Protection Advisor
ViPR Controller
HDS USP-V Series
NetApp File & Block
IBM DS Series
IBM XIV Series
IBM SVC Series
HP EVA Series
HP 3PAR Series
HP StorageWorks P9000
VI Virtual Wisdom
Converged Infrastructure Platforms VBLOCK Series
VSPEX Series
Product ViPR Products
Solution For Storage Management
Storage Consolidation
Browse By Software
Software-Defined Storage


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