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VDI Solution with XtremIO and Isilon
Optimize performance and efficiency

VDI Solution with XtremIO and Isilon

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Transform your virtual desktop infrastructure using a VDI Solution with EMC XtremIO and EMC Isilon. Enable an outstanding experience for users, simplify administration, and benefit from the best value per desktop.

The XtremIO all-flash scale-out storage array delivers performance and responsiveness to support thousands of virtual desktops. Isilon scale-out NAS gives you highly efficient, massively scalable storage for user and profile data. You'll optimize VDI performance and cost.

This solution includes:

  • EMC XtremIO All-Flash Array
  • EMC Isilon X410
  • Solutions sized for 2,500-4,000 desktops, 4,000-8000 desktops, 8,000-15,000 desktops, or more
  • All offer a choice of 10 GB, 20 GB, or 40 GB of user data per desktop

EMC VDI XtremIO Isilon Architecture

The Advantages Of VDI At Scale

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables enterprises to deploy a more secure, scalable, manageable, and agile computing infrastructure while delivering uncompromising end user experience. Large scale VDI deployments also have the potential to provide significant economic benefits in the form of lower TCO and reduced CAPEX and OPEX. To realize the full benefits of VDI, careful consideration must be given in selecting the underlying VDI solution elements including converged infrastructure systems and the associated data storage.

VDI With EMC XtremIO And EMC Isilon

VDI Solutions with EMC® XtremIO® and EMC Isilon® scale-cut NAS combine EMC XtremIO all-flash scale-out arrays with EMC Isilon® Scale-out NAS to address largescale VDI storage challenges. EMC XtremIO Scale-out flash-based arrays deliver exceptional performance and responsiveness needed to support virtual desktops and their associated virtual machine disk files (VMDKs), while EMC Isilon scale-out NAS provides highly efficient, massively scalable storage for VDI user and profile data. Together, EMC Isilon and XtremIO provide a large-scale VDI solution that delivers an exceptional user experience, provides massive scalability, and significantly lowers costs per desktop.

The EMC XtremIO And Isilon Advantage

Together, EMC Isilon and XtremeIO represent a game changer for large scale VDI deployments providing exceptional user experience, massive scalability and unprecedented cost savings.

Uncompromising User Experience

  • Easy conversion - large scale VDI solutions can be deployed using physical-tovirtual conversions with an improved user experience while letting end users maintain control of their virtual desktops.
  • Avoid boot storm issues - XtremIO's real-time inline data reduction not only reduces the VDI capacity footprint by up to 10:1 but also makes boot storms a nonissue.
  • Optimize performance - EMC Isilon enables breakthrough agility and scalability of VDI user and profile data, which contributes to better user experience. With Isilon, VDI administrators can specify the type of workload on a per-file or per-directory basis, indicating whether the access pattern to a particular file or directory is random, concurrent, or sequential to maximize performance.
  • Support video streaming applications - Isilon enables simple capacity and performance scalability to ensure streaming video workloads can grow and perform as required with simple yet powerful management - deliver streaming files on demand with high concurrency.

Lower VDI Cost Per Desktop

  • Reduce costs and optimize resources with our tiered storage approach - Rely on XtremIO for high performance VDI needs with the ability to burst to thousands and the unmatched efficiency of Isilon scale-out NAS for VDI user and profile data that provides over 80% storage utilization. And with Isilon SmartDedupe® data deduplication, you can reduce your storage requirements by up to 35 percent by eliminating redundant data.
  • Streamline VDI server requirements - XtremIO dramatically lowers the costs of the VDI server infrastructure by enabling much higher consolidation ratios. XtremIO also enables fully persistent virtual desktops to cost less than physical machines.

Simplify Management

  • Support large-scale VDI deployments with ease - Isilon makes managing petabytes of file data a "part-time job" through automated processes that balance client and internal workloads and capacities; the provisioning of storage capacity and storage-related services such as thin provisioning and quotas; and the generation of snapshot and replication services for data protection.
  • Simple scaling - Rolling out new desktops is easy with the scale-out design of XtremIO and Isilon storage. You can support any VDI rollout from pilot through large scale production in support of tens of thousands of desktops. Rapid provisioning - Clone desktop images instantaneously and without consuming additional space. You can roll out hundreds of new desktops in minutes.

VDI Solution Bundles With EMC XtremIO And EMC Isilon

To help you plan and implement your VDI solution quickly, VDI Solutions with EMC XtremIO and EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS are available in three convenient preconfigured bundles:

  • Entry level VDI solution bundle to support 2,500 to 4,000 users
  • Mid-size VDI solution bundle to support 4,000 to 8,000 users
  • Enterprise VDI solution bundle to support 8,000 to 15,000 users

Each of these bundles is available to support your choice of 10 GB, 20 GB or 40 GB of user data per desktop.


Together, EMC Isilon and XtremIO offer a large-scale VDI solution designed to provide an exceptional user experience, massive scalability, and unmatched efficiency to significantly lower costs per desktop.

Key Features:

  • Qualified with VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop (customer supplied)
  • Enable virtual desktops at lower cost than physical desktops
  • Support large-scale VDI deployments, including any mix of persistent and non-persistent desktops
  • Bring flash performance to virtual desktops with XtremIO, make boot storms a non-issue
  • Optimize performance and scalability for user and profile data with Isilon
  • Reduce storage capacity needs with XtremIO always-on, inline data reduction and Isilon data deduplication


  • Efficient, powerful storage solutions that combine EMC XtremIO scale-out flash arrays and Isilon scale-out NAS
  • Tiered storage to optimize resources and desktop performance
  • Fast, easy scalability to over 20PB of data while supporting thousands of end-users
  • Unmatched efficiency with over 80% storage utilization
  • Simple to deploy and manage


VDI Solution with XtremIO and Isilon Specifications
Included Hardware EMC XtremIO with One, Two or Four X-Bricks
EMC Isilon X410
Virtualization Support VMware Horizon View
Citrix XenDesktop
Product Isilon Products
XtremIO Products
Solution For VDI
Scale-Out Storage
Mid-Range Storage
Enterprise-Class Storage
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