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Service Catalog Strategy and Design
Establish a standard portfolio of business-focused IT services

Service Catalog Strategy and Design

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Get ready to deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) with EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design. This advisory service enables you to develop and manage a standardized IT service catalog.

Experts from EMC Global Services help you simplify the services you deliver and align them with the business. Choose EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design to help accelerate your IT transformation.

Services are defined in terms familiar to your business consumers. You'll be prepared to provide those services through a user-friendly, unified IT service portal. Service catalogs bring together internally and externally sourced technologies and services that may include:

  • End-user services - PC/phone/device procurement, application access, and credit card
  • Infrastructure services - network, computing, storage, and backup
  • Application services - test/development, CRM, business intelligence, and collaboration

Business Challenges

The business imperative for IT organizations to provide differentiated services and demonstrate business value is ever-growing. This is driving a shift in service delivery mandating the need for IT organizations to define and manage IT services in a business-focused way

Service Catalogs are a critical first step for IT organizations to become more business-focused and service-driven. They offer a way to define, document and publish standardized services, establish service level expectations, and provide visibility into service costs.

However, many IT organizations either have no service catalog in place, or they have an underdeveloped one that does not meet the needs and expectations of the business.

Service Description

EMC® Service Catalog Strategy and Design defines and an initial service catalog, and provides the basis for a fully-fledged catalog framework for both business and technical IT services.

Our approach, based on EMC best practices, is to create the service catalog through an iterative process. We start with a few services and then build out from there.

The services must be clearly defined and documented in easy-tounderstand language. Exposing services through a role-based selfservice portal enables visibility and easy consumption by end users. Linking the service catalog to other operational and management process can enable additional automation. And reporting on key performance indicators enables transparency with the business, as well as continuous improvement.

Key deliverables include:

  • Current state findings: We start by analyzing the current service catalog, service management processes, and governance of the services.
  • Initial service catalog: We then develop an initial service catalog for selected services to address gaps in the current service catalog.
  • Service center charters: We develop IT service center charters to define the service development mission and vision, the scope of services to be developed, and the strategic alignment of these organizations to the business.
  • Service blueprints: We create a service blueprint solution architecture including service request process definitions, the decision logic for mapping service tiers to supporting technology, and the associated service taxonomy.
  • Implementation roadmap: We create a roadmap to achieve a comprehensive future state service catalog and self-service portal for the business to access these services.
  • Service portal prototype: We can also provide an optional click-through self-service portal prototype that shows how a service portal would look and function.

Summary Of Benefits

With EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design you can create the foundation to operate as a services-oriented business. You can define and standardize IT services. You can provide a crystal clear view of the services you offer and value they provide. You can enable visibility into costs and SLAs that refer to the service rather than the underlying components.

By connecting the service catalog with other operational and management systems you can reduce cycle times, and pave the way for additional automation and self-service consumption. All of this contributes to reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

About EMC Global Services

EMC Global Services accelerates the software-defined enterprise through world-class technical expertise and service capabilities that deliver well-run hybrid clouds, empower ITaaS providers, and enable new digital-era applications. Our 16,000+ services experts worldwide, plus global network of partners, have the skills, knowledge, and experience organizations need to get the maximum value from their EMC technology investments-with an unending commitment to an exceptional total customer experience through service excellence.

Key Features:

  • Collects requirements regarding business and IT needs
  • Defines technical requirements, service levels, and financials of the services
  • Establishes IT service blueprints and reference architectures
  • Defines service level objectives (SLOs)


  • Define and standardize IT services
  • Enable visibility into services, costs and SLAs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Create a foundation for additional automation and self-service


Services Catalog Strategy and Design Specifications
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