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Dell EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management
Bringing Order to Copy Data Chaos

Copy Data Management

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Copy data, which includes copies for data protection, analytics, operations as well as testing and development, is a primary driver of the unrelenting data growth that is driving up storage costs. In fact, this copy sprawl is estimated to consume 45% of overall storage capacity and will cost businesses over $50 billion by 2018.

This explosion of copy data is being driven by the move to self service, which has led to siloes of copy creation across the enterprise without global oversight. Today, 82% of businesses have at least 10 copies of any one production instance of data.

Solving this copy data problem requires modern data management which focuses on optimizing infrastructure efficiency, streamlining operations and consistently meeting service levels across the enterprise. EMC offers a family of copy data management solutions to address this problem, including:

  • Integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) - entry level CDM that enables efficient copy creation and management on primary storage
  • Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) - enterprise class CDM that enables global management and monitoring of copies across primary and protection storage
  • Enterprise Copy Data Analytics (eCDA) - enterprise class analytics that provide actionable insight across the entire global enterprise

Copy Data Analytics

Enterprise-wide Copy Data Management

EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) is designed to address the $50 billion copy data problem by delivering copy data management across primary and protection storage. eCDM provides self service data management with global oversight to maximize efficiency, streamline operations and ensure consistent service level compliance. eCDM can non-disruptively discover copies across an entire enterprise, automate SLO compliance and optimize operations based on actionable insight.

Discovery Without Disruption

Unlike traditional CDM solutions, eCDM will non-disruptively discover existing copies across primary and protection storage to gain global oversight of what already exists in the environment. Non-disruptive discovery maintains self service by enabling storage admins and DBAs to continue creating copies from their native interfaces (for example, iCDM or Oracle RMAN) instead of inserting a solution into the copy data path. However, the addition of global oversight on copy data ensures that only the right number of copies are stored on the right tiers of storage.

With the ability to visualize copy relationships, organizations can eliminate redundant copies and maximize their use of existing resources. In addition, this enables administrators across the business direct copy access to utilize existing copies instead of creating another redundant copy for their own use. eCDM allows for the seamless access and recovery of copies off either primary or protection storage. Overall, by keeping only the right number of copies on the right storage devices, users can significantly reduce primary and protection storage costs while maintaining SLO compliance.

Copy Data Map

Automated SLO Compliance

The core of eCDM are the user defined service plans to monitor or proactively manage SLO compliance. For example, admins can create service plans for each department - like Finance, Accounting and HR - to define the service level that data requires. A customer can then simply monitor compliance by verifying whether the defined service level objectives are being met across the organization. Alternatively, compliance management proactively ensures that all copy data is in compliance with SLOs. The combination of automated SLO compliance and empowering self service copy creation enables organizations to eliminate traditional protection infrastructure like backup servers.

SLO compliance is even more powerful when it is automated with a users' existing management portals and automation tools. That is why EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management was designed to be open and extensible with multi-tenancy for quick and simple deployment in an IT as a service model. In addition, an API centric design enables advanced integration with existing automation tools and/or management portals.

Optimization With Intelligent Analytics

EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management allows organizations to make data-driven decisions with a new analytics-as-a-service offering called EMC Enterprise Copy Data Analytics (eCDA). The cloud based analytics engine will ingest data from across the enterprise and will provide actionable insights to proactively optimize infrastructure.

This insight lowers risk by monitoring and proactively managing aggregate compliance to customized defined service levels. In addition, eCDA will identify cost drivers, monitor storage trends and recommend actions to reduce costs. Finally, eCDA can increase agility by identifying anomalies and predicting future impact to proactively remediate issues before they become a problem.

Actionable Insight

Supported Environments

Primary Storage
EMC VMAX All Flash (VMAX 450, 850)

Protection Storage
EMC Data Domain DD4500, DD7200, DD9500

Key Features:

  • Discovers copies non-disruptively across the enterprise for global oversight
  • Automates SLO compliance and efficient copy creation
  • Optimizes IT operations based on actionable insight


Enterprise-wide Copy Data Management

  • Optimize efficiency
  • Streamline operations
  • Consistently meet service levels

Discovery Without Disruption

  • Empower self-service access with native utilities
  • Maximize use of existing copies

Automated SLO Compliance

  • Define customized service plans to monitor and manage SLOs
  • Eliminate traditional data protection infrastructure
  • Deploy for ITaaS with multitenancy and APIs

Optimization With Intelligent Analytics

  • Lower risk with global service level monitoring and management
  • Reduce cost by identifying cost drivers and capacity trends
  • Increase agility with anomaly detection and proactive remediation


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