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Data Protection
Manage your data capital with data protection from core to edge to cloud

Ensure availability - no matter where your data resides - with cost-effective data management and protection solutions for any workload.

Data Protection Software

Dell EMC Avamar


Dell EMC Avamar deduplication backup software and systems provide fast, daily full backups and single-step data recovery. Never back up the same data twice.

  • Optimized for virtual environments
  • Application consistency
  • Variable-length deduplication
  • Reduces storage, bandwidth needs
  • Encryption for data security

Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition

Avamar Virtual Edition

Protect virtual machines in the cloud and remote offices with Dell EMC Avamar Virtual Edition. Software-only, customer installable data protection for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure.

  • Virtual appliance
  • Enables software defined data center
  • Application consistency
  • Variable-length deduplication
  • Reduces storage, bandwidth needs
  • Encryption for data security

Dell EMC Data Domain Boost

Speed data backups up to 50% with the DD Boost software option and Dell EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems.

  • Faster, More Efficient Backup
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Load Balancing and Failover

Dell EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition

Data Domain Virtual Edition

DD VE is a software-defined version of Dell EMC Data Domain that is apt for ROBO, entry and cloud environments. It is very flexible and can deploy in minutes to achieve backup, archive and disaster recovery.

  • Scales from 0.5-96TB per DD VE instance on-prem and in-cloud
  • Supports AWS, Azure, AWS GovCloud, Azure Government Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, and VMware Cloud
  • Expand capacity in 1TB increments
  • Supported on VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM

Dell EMC NetWorker

EMC NetWorker

Dell EMC NetWorker is unified backup and recovery software for the enterprise: deduplication, backup to disk and tape, snapshots, replication and NAS.

  • Integration with Dell EMC Data Domain and Data Domain Boost
  • Broad backup and recovery capabilities
  • Virtual and physical protection

Dell EMC PowerPath

Dell EMC PowerPath

Management and multipathing software to automatically balance I/O loads and provide seamless failover/recovery and advanced monitoring.

  • Automate Failover/Recovery
  • Optimize Load Balancing
  • Improve Performance
  • Standardize Path Management

Dell EMC PowerPath/VE

Dell EMC PowerPath/VE

See a 2x-3x increase in I/O for VMware with EMC PowerPath/VE intelligent multipathing. Improve application performance and availability.

  • For VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Optimizes IOPS on EMC arrays
  • Automated path failover/recovery

Dell EMC RecoverPoint


Ensure continuous data protection with recovery to any point in time with Dell EMC RecoverPoint. Deliver a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

  • Replication across Dell EMC storage
  • Supports mixed-array environments
  • Local and remote replication
  • Up to 90% reduction in bandwidth
  • Multi-copy and multi-site support

Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

Enable local/remote any point-in-time recovery for VMware VMs. Replicate to AWS S3, using proprietary snap-based replication, with RPOs measured in minutes.

  • Storage agnostic: SAN/vSAN/NAS/DAS
  • Replicate VMs (VMDK and RDM)
  • Replicate/recover from AWS S3
  • Application-consistent recovery
  • Auto-provision & DR orchestration