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Data Protection Suite for Backup
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Data Protection Suite for Backup

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EMC Data Protection Suite for Backup
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Leverage EMC's industry-leading backup and recovery software solutions with EMC Data Protection Suite for Backup. This offering delivers data protection to a variety of enterprise organizations by providing the flexibility to mix and match components to quickly optimize performance and data protection today and in the future. Data Protection Suite for Backup supports many different deployment models, including deduplication backup, backup to disk, snapshot-based backup, and backup to tape. Offering centralized data protection management with comprehensive reporting, monitoring, and analysis for physical and virtual environment, the Suite for Backup provides reduced management time and lower overall TCO. This cloud enabled offering enables you to deliver backups of data and applications WITHIN the public cloud, as well as secure long-term retention of backups TO the cloud.

Tier-based pricing, offered for environments protecting anywhere from 1-1000+ TB of front-end capacity (pre-deduplication), provides the right amount of data protection when you need it.

The EMC® Data Protection Suite Family provides enterprise organizations with industry-leading data protection through a comprehensive set of offerings specifically tailored to meet your needs. Whether your data protection environment is rich with mission critical applications, fully virtualized, focused on backup and recovery with requirements for supporting many different use cases including NAS and tape-out, or a complex assortment of these, the Data Protection Suite Family offers solutions built to satisfy the needs of your business. Because there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution, EMC has designed the Data Protection Suite Family based on enabling you to meet service levels that align to your business objectives.

Data Protection Challenges

Companies are rethinking next generation data protection methods as a result of exponential data growth, regulatory compliance, strict service-level agreements, and shrinking backup windows. And IT teams face additional challenges from accelerated virtualization and the need to better protect data residing throughout the enterprise.

The reality is that most companies are managing their applications and data in multiple places; from on-premise traditional infrastructures to virtualized environments to hybrid and public clouds. This calls for a data protection strategy that acknowledges the current landscape and protects data across all consumption models because it is likely that you will need to protect more than one of these environments for some time. At the same time, protection and availability should be based on the business value of the data and service levels that align to your business objectives.

Traditional solutions are inefficient because they repeatedly backup everything-duplicate files and sub-file data segments that exist across servers, desktops, laptops, and offices. When combined with traditional daily incremental and weekly full backups, the amount of duplicate data is staggering and often leads to decreased performance and increased costs. Searching for backups to recover data in large environments becomes a daunting task.

A primary driver of this exponential data growth is copy data, which includes copies for data protection, analytics, operations, as well as testing and development. In fact, this copy sprawl is expected to consume storage capacity and increase costs. This explosion of copy data is being driven by the move to self-service, which has led to siloes of copy creation across the enterprise without global oversight. Solving this copy data problem requires modern data management which focuses on optimizing infrastructure efficiency, streamlining operations and consistently meeting service levels across the enterprise.

In addition, companies that lack robust data archiving processes risk reduced user productivity, along with increased storage and backup costs. Organizations also require fast, easy access to archived email, files, and Microsoft™ SharePoint® content in support of highvolume discovery, regulatory compliance, and secure legal holds.

Data Protection Suite Family

The Data Protection Suite Family simplifies data protection choices, making it easier than ever for you to access best-of-breed backup, recovery, and archive solutions that fit your specific needs. The EMC Data Protection Suite Family provides comprehensive, industry-leading data protection to a variety of enterprise organizations. Protecting data using technology from replication to snapshot to backup and archive, Data Protection Suite delivers coverage across all consumption models. With solutions built to meet the needs of all types of organizations and data protection environments, the Data Protection Suite Family protects your data no matter where it is and against whatever happens. Here is a deeper look into each of our Data Protection Suite offerings:

Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

The most comprehensive of all Suite offerings is Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition. Protecting data through technology including continuous replication, snapshot, deduplicated and traditional backup, and archive, Enterprise Edition differentiates itself by meeting the needs of organizations of all sizes via a single, comprehensive offering. This Suite boasts EMC's best-ofbreed backup and recovery products, as well as industry-leading replication and archive.

Data Protection Suite For Backup

Data Protection Suite for Backup is a backup and recovery software solution delivering industryleading data protection to a variety of enterprise organizations. Designed for use in physical and virtual environments and supporting many different deployment models and protection technologies including deduplication backup, back up to disk, snapshot-based backup, and backup to tape, this Suite offers flexibility to mix and match components to quickly optimize performance and data protection today and in the future, while also reducing costs.

Data Protection Suite For Applications

Data Protection Suite for Applications provides unparalleled efficiency to meet stringent SLAs on mission critical applications. With EMC Data Protection Suite for Applications, customers are given a solution which provides up to 20x faster backup by enabling direct backup to EMC Data Domain® from either primary storage or the application server, and up to 10x faster recovery. It empowers application owners/database administrators to backup directly to Data Domain through native application utilities (like Oracle RMAN®) and also allows them to discover, automate and optimize copies for superior copy data management. Data Protection Suite for Applications reduces the hidden risk and cost associated with distributed, self-service copy creation by providing global oversight of the copy data ecosystem. Finally, it eliminates, or significantly reduces, the impact on application servers because little or no data flows through the application server.

Data Protection Suite For Vmware

Data Protection Suite for VMware offers end-to-end data protection for VMware-based environments including backup and recovery, continuous replication, monitoring and analysis, and search capabilities. This offering is a software-only data protection solution that delivers simplified deployment and administration within virtualized and cloud environments. Data Protection Suite for VMware is unique in the market in that no other vendor provides this depth and breadth of data protection.

Data Protection Suite For Archive

Data Protection Suite for Archive serves as EMC's best-in-class solution for all things archiving and e-discovery. As a part of the Data Protection Suite Family, this solution gives organizations the full ownership and control over their information. Customers have the ability to reduce costs by reclaiming valuable primary data storage space, optimizing server and operational performance, and meeting company compliance regulations, eDiscovery and litigation needs.


Many organizations are moving quickly toward cloud-based environments - private, hybrid, and public - for greater flexibility and agility to help reduce costs. Whether you're protecting applications and data residing within your data center or the public cloud, Data Protection Suite provides the same enterprise-level user experience. In particular, there is benefit in leveraging cloud storage - specifically object storage - rather than tape, for long-term retention of backups. With EMC CloudBoost, Data Protection Suite delivers highly-efficient, secure long-term retention of backups in private cloud through EMC Elastic Cloud Storage or a leading public cloud of your choice, as well as backups of data and applications within the public cloud. This cloud-enabled solution underscores EMC's commitment to protecting data across all consumption models.

What's Included

The combination of components within each Data Protection Suite offering is hand-picked to deliver comprehensive data protection according to the requirements of your organization's environment. See below for a complete product breakdown to see what is included in each Suite.

what's included

Complete Enterprise Protection

Enterprise organizations with at least 1 TB of protected capacity can choose to deploy Data Protection Suite components within each offering at your discretion, in any combination - and modify the mix over time as data grows and requirements evolve. As a result, you can effectively protect your applications and data to improve performance, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

By utilizing its industry-leading backup and recovery software, Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Backup provide enterprise-wide protection of files, applications and databases in both physical and virtual environments, as well as unified search capabilities using Data Protection Search. With deduplication and traditional protection storage support, Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Backup allow you to ensure long-term reliable backup retention, including long term retention to private and public cloud with CloudBoost. All Data Protection Suite offerings include comprehensive physical and virtual environment monitoring, analysis and reporting, delivered by Data Protection Advisor.

ProtectPoint, a product included in Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Applications, provides up to 20x faster, more efficient backup while eliminating the impact on application servers.

Data Protection Suite for Applications and Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition include EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM), delivering copy data management across the modern data center by discovering copies for non-disruptive global oversight, automating SLO compliance via efficient copy creation, and optimizing operations and providing intelligent analytics with EMC Enterprise Copy Data Analytics. eCDM empowers application and database admins by enabling self-service capabilities.

For long-term archive, Enterprise Edition includes EMC SourceOne, enabling storage optimization and savings on primary storage costs as well as content preservation for email, files, and Microsoft SharePoint. SourceOne Discovery Manager and SourceOne Email Supervisor are optional add-ons to Enterprise Edition and the Suite for Archive, providing eDiscovery and compliance capabilities.

Data Protection Suite also offers optional cloud data protection with MozyEnterprise® for secure sync, share, collaboration & real-time document protection for desktop and laptop users to hybrid cloud.

For a complete data protection solution, leverage the powerful combination of EMC data protection software with protection storage. Experience reduced risk of data loss, industry-leading deduplication, and superior performance when using Data Protection Suite with Data Domain.

Simplicity, Flexibility, And Investment Protection

The Data Protection Suite Family is designed to provide options when it comes to protecting different environments.

EMC delivers innovative end-to-end software and protection storage solutions that are designed to work together. The Data Protection Suite Family provides you the freedom to purchase based on consumption and deployment models, allowing the migration of your data protection infrastructures to meet evolving backup and recovery, archiving and compliance requirements.

Key Features:



  • Covers the data protection continuum including replication, snapshot, backup, and archive
  • Boasts the industry's tightest integration with EMC Data Domain®
  • Delivers unified index and search capabilities
  • Leverages long-term retention to public, private or hybrid cloud as a replacement for tape
  • Provides global copy data oversight and management without compromising self-service workflows
  • Optional MozyEnterprise cloud backup


  • Provides centralized management, analysis and reporting
  • Empowers application owners to use their native tools
  • Delivers application owner visibility and control


  • Covers all consumption models, from on-premise to virtualized environments to hybrid and public clouds
  • Delivers heterogeneous platform support while supporting the broadest range of apps
  • Mix and match software anytime to deploy across physical and virtual environments

Investment Protection

  • Reduces total cost of ownership
  • Optimizes storage tiers with archiving to maximize performance and lower costs


Data Protection Suite for Backup Specifications
Data Protection Suite for Backup Includes EMC Avamar
EMC NetWorker
EMC Data Protection Advisor
EMC DD Boost for Enterprise Applications
EMC DP Search
EMC CloudBoost
Backup Appliance Support EMC Avamar Data Store
EMC Data Domain Systems
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