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Dell AppAssure 5 - Windows Desktops (VDI)
Backup, Replication and Recovery Software


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Dell AppAssure for Windows Desktops (VDI) simplifies and automates backup and disaster recovery processes, while giving an administrator the ability to remotely monitor and manage large VDI deployments or geographically distributed machines from a single console.

The centralized management allows organizations to rapidly scale their backup and recovery plans to cover a few or thousands of workstations. Flexible scheduling and event-based triggering of backups allows administrators to automate backups and prevent loss of data. Centralized management and policy-based migrations dramatically improve productivity of IT staff and end users.

Advantages of AppAssure data protection

Here's how Dell AppAssure technology delivers better Windows backup protection:

Highly scaleable, highly efficient backup

  • AppAssure scales for speed by automatically "turning on" as many AppAssure core CPUs as are needed to handle workload peaks. It also scales for data capacity with ultra-efficient block-level incremental-forever backups that are data-deduplicated across all the servers on your network.

This results in:

  • Line-speed user access to applications. Feel free to schedule as many simultaneous backups as you like even during peak work hours because backup jobs never get in the way of full-speed production environments, even if your network runs at 10 gbit/sec.
  • More efficient disk storage. Dell AppAssure keeps your storage footprint small whether your storage environment is small or large. And, Exabyte-level scalability easily meets the needs of Big Data environments.

Rapid recovery from nearly any point in time

  • Achieve near-zero application recovery time objectives (RTO). Choose to recover from any one of up to 288 recovery points a day for Windows to practically eliminate the potential for data loss.

Comprehensive data off-siting, fail-over, fail-back

  • Dell AppAssure builds in WAN-optimized, deduplication-aware replication for off-siting backup data to public or private clouds. Data seeding is available for sites with slow or highly latent links. A virtual standby function creates and maintains an up-to-date virtual standby clone of a production server as of the last snapshot. Fail-Over and Fail-Back allows your secondary site or a managed service provider site to recover instances from replicated machines and immediately commence protection on the failed-over machines, and then fail back when the problem is solved.

Unified user interface

  • Protect a few or a few thousand machines from any Web browser. AppAssure 5 features a new web-based management console that is compatible with industry-standard browsers on laptops, tablets and notebooks. You can manage your data protection responsibilities and solve problems from any location with an Internet connection.


  • Supports Windows 7, Vista and XP environments
  • Reduce help desk calls with self-service recovery options for users
  • Improve IT productivity with Dell AppAssure's centralized backup and replication management
  • Policy-based management of backup & recovery operations from a central console
  • Easy Desktop recovery - OS, applications and all data can be recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days
  • Simplified system migrations to virtual environments and dissimilar hardware
  • Silent install for agent deployments


Dell AppAssure meets the most aggressive RTO and RPO in the industry:

  • Near-instant recovery with our Live Recovery™ technology
  • 5 minute RPO with near-CDP and concurrent snapshots of multiple VMs or servers

Unified Backup, Replication and Recovery

  • AppAssure delivers local and off-site backup, replication and disaster recovery with built-in deduplication - all in one solution, across virtual, physical and cloud platforms.

100% Reliability of Recoverability

  • Backups are worthless if you cannot recover from them. AppAssure automatically validates the application to guarantee that you can successfully recover it, every time. You no longer have to settle for restores that might work or should work, you can rest easy knowing that your application restore will work.

Application-aware Backup Software

  • AppAssure provides deep application integration with today's mission-critical Microsoft applications, including:

Ease of Use

  • AppAssure is designed to be easy to use. The centralized console enables you to protect and centrally manage your major applications - all from a single pane of glass.

Significant Cost Savings

  • AppAssure backup offers low TCO (total cost of ownership): it's easy to use and deploys quickly with minimal training and implementation.

6000+ Customers in 50+ Countries

AppAssure is the leading, award-winning unified backup, replication and recovery software, used by thousands of customers around the world.

AppAssure - Beyond Backup:

Going beyond backup to advanced data protection

AppAssure first revolutionized data protection by unifying backup, replication and recovery in one software solution. Designed for virtual, physical and cloud environments, AppAssure's continual data and application backups, daily data integrity, validation and flexible recovery options provide customers with unparalleled data protection. And now you can protect Linux servers too - all with the same AppAssure 5 product.

AppAssure 5 extends its core protection capabilities to address the challenges of today's larger and more complex data environments. Specifically:

  • AppAssure's new scalable architecture for data protection backs up and manages growing data quickly and efficiently to deliver RTOs (recovery time objectives) and RPOs (Recovery point objectives) of mere minutes.
  • Global deduplication and compression technology reduces backup time and minimizes storage footprint.
  • New AppAssure agent for Linux along with several enhancements designed to simplify management, speed deployments and increase the feature setAppAssure Circle

Protect continuously, move anywhere and recover everything

AppAssure 5 offers a better way to protect your complex data environment. IT data centers, whether they're a few servers in a storefront office or thousands of virtual and physical machines, are harder to protect, especially as they are spread across local, offsite and-increasingly-cloud resources. With all this complexity, it's no wonder that traditional backup approaches cause serious problems. For instance, they:

  • Require more administrative intervention than you may have time for
  • No longer fit into short backup windows
  • Can't assure that you will be able to recover in a reasonable timeframe.

A better way to protect Windows and Linux environments
AppAssure 5 answers these concerns with fast, backup and even faster replication and recovery. As a key data protection element of Dell's Fluid Data Architecture, AppAssure 5 controls cost, optimizes performance and enhances protection by unifying backup, replication and recovery within a single solution. All this capability comes complete with a truly easy-to-use management interface that automates daily backup activities, freeing you to tackle other projects.

AppAssure 5 ensures that you'll return to productivity in a hurry. It goes beyond backup by establishing a new, highly automated standard for data protection. AppAssure 5 includes our premium software support, Dell ProSupport™, providing you with 24x7 and global access to technical experts ready to assist you if the need arises. With AppAssure 5 you can protect continuously, move anywhere and recover everything.

AppAssure 5 Beyond Backup

How is AppAssure Different?

AppAssure 5 delivers innovative AppAssure Core technologies to create fast and reliable backups and recoveries across virtual, physical, and cloud environments:

1. TrueScaleTM Architecture for Data Protection:
AppAssure's TrueScale Architecture for Data Protection leverages a dynamic, multi-core pipeline storage system that scales linearly to store and manage data efficiently and deliver RTOs and RPOs of minutes.

Management Services
Recovery Service Line Recovery Universal Recovery Recovery Assure Retention WAN optimzed Replication Archiving
TrueScale Layer Global Deduplication Encryption Compression
Volume Manager
Physical Storage Scalable Object Store Scalable Object Store Scalable Object Store Scalable Object Store
Storage Area Network Direct Attached Storage Network Attached Storage Cloud Storage

2. Global Deduplication and Compression:
Save storage costs through integrated, inline deduplication and compression while optimizing backups for WAN replication. It eliminates redundant data from your backups not just locally, but across your entire network.

Global Data Deduplication uses far less data storage
Figure 1: Global Data Deduplication uses far less data storage

3. Universal Recovery™:
To any VM or Server AppAssure was built from the ground up for virtual and physical environments, enabling one of the fastest and most fl exible recovery procedures possible-in minutes, not hours or days, with a near-zero RPO. AppAssure provides full bare-metal recovery to dissimilar hardware and VM servers in seconds as well as granular recovery of individual objects, applications, files or messages, in just minutes.

Combined, these technologies deliver fast, reliable and secure local recoveries and cloud-enabled disaster recovery. With its scalable object store, AppAssure 5 is uniquely capable of handling exabytes of data or more very rapidly with built-in global deduplication, compression, encryption, and replication to any private or public cloud infrastructure. Flexible enterprise data retention policies are supported for recovery and compliance purposes.

One interface for virtual and physical machines
AppAssure combines technologically innovative software with ease of use to substantially reduce IT management and storage costs across every Windows and Linux machine in your IT environment. In addition to backing up and recovering physical machines, AppAssure 5 supports multiple hypervisor environments in private and public clouds. AppAssure 5 adds the ability to directly create Hyper-V machines from your backups, a feature AppAssure 4 first off ered for VMware ESX/ESXi machines. And it supports larger virtual environments with features like support for SQL Clusters.

Attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
AppAssure 5 comes with an ownership cost that is very attractive to organizations that currently pay for and manage two or more unrelated software programs and costly add-on modules. All the data protection you need is delivered in one product, controlled with one interface. Administrators no longer have to learn and master multiple backup and recovery schemes; instead they interact with a single pane of management glass that includes all the tools needed to protect their machines, regardless of their location. With AppAssure 5 you save time and money.

  • Premium Software Support.
    AppAssure 5 includes Dell ProSupport™ with access to expert back-up and recovery technicians around the clock and around the globe. Customers receive 24x7 phone support* around the world from more than 30,000 technicians supporting over 100 countries in 55 languages.
  • Remote Installation Services.
    AppAssure software is easy to install but if you're feeling like you could use some extra hands, our expert technicians can help. We'll get you up and running quickly with minimal effort with our remote installation package options: Basic Remote Installation Service or Advanced Remote Installation Service.
  • Remote Advisory Services.
    Consultation with a highly qualified certified expert regarding upgrades or system updates is also available via our Remote Advisory Services.

Data off-siting and disaster recovery

WAN Optimized Replication
AppAssure 5 off ers new WAN-optimized, deduplicationaware replication for off-siting data to public or private clouds.

SmartAgent with incremental-forever approach for VMs and physical servers
AppAsssure's Smart Agent is automatically installed on all the machines that will be protected by the AppAssure 5 Core. Smart Agents are designed by AppAssure to off er a number of advantages over both legacy agent-based and agentless technologies found on other backup products.

SmartAgents use an incremental-forever, changed-blocktracking approach that tracks, captures and transmits the changed blocks from the protected disk volume to the AppAssure core at pre-confi gured intervals. They are fully application-aware and they lie dormant when not in use.2 Even when they're hard at work, the ultra-light SmartAgents tread lightly.

An RMW algorithm is tightly coupled with deduplication; the two cores match keys before transferring data, and then replicate only the unique blocks that are compressed-encrypted-deduplicated across the WAN. This can result in up to a 10X reduction in bandwidth requirements. All data-in-flight is replicated over SSL connections.

Data Seeding
Getting data offsite is a critical first step to prepare your company for disaster recovery. AppAssure 5 allows you to seed your baseline data to an off site target core if the cores are separated by a slow or highly latent links. The data in the seeding archive is compressed, encrypted and deduplicated. If the total size of the archive is larger than the space available on the removable media, the archive can span across multiple removable media devices based on the available space on the media. During the seeding process, incremental recovery points are replicated to the target site. Once the seeding archive is consumed into the target core, the newly replicated incremental recovery points are automatically synchronized.

Virtual Standby
Create and maintain an up-to-date virtual standby machine for fast disaster recovery for all of your Windows workloads including Exchange, SharePoint and SQL. The bootable virtual machine is an exact clone of the production server as of the last snapshot

Fail-Over and Fail-Back
If the worst occurs and you do suff er a data disaster, AppAssure 5 supports fail-over and fail-back in replicated environments. In case of a comprehensive outage, the target core in the secondary site can recover instances from replicated machines and immediately commence protection on the failed-over machines. Once the primary site is restored, the core can "fail-back" protection to the machines at the primary site.

Built in Replication Workflows
Outbound replication can be confi gured to a selfmanaged core or a managed service provider offering off-site backup and/or a disaster recovery service. Customers who wish to replicate to managed service providers can use built-in workflows that allow them to request connections and receive automatic feedback notifications.

Replication process includes government-grade encryption
Figure 2: Replication process includes government-grade encryption

Encrypted Communications
AppAssure 5 provides built-in encryption using 256-Bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with cipher block chaining (CBC) algorithm compliant with SHA-3 to protect the backups from unauthorised access or use, and ensure data privacy. The technology performs inline encryption on incoming snapshot data at line speed without impacting performance and scalability.

AppAssure 5 uses SSL 3.0 to secure the connections between the two cores in a replication topology to prevent eavesdropping and tampering.

Long term data retention

AppAssure 5 SmartArchive feature enables long-term data retention for SLA and regulatory compliance. The backup archives can be created on less expensive storage. An archive can be created on the source or a target replica core on to removable media. It is internally optimized and all data in the archive is deduplicated, compressed and encrypted. The archive can span across multiple devices based on the available space on the media and it can be locked with a passphrase. Recovery from an archive does not require a new core-any core can ingest the archive and recover data as long as the administrator has the passphrase and the encryption keys.

Retention Policies
AppAssure 5 offers highly flexible and granular backup retention policies that can be easily customized for different business and compliance requirements without compromising availability or the integrity of the backups. Customers with Big Data can now rely on AppAssure 5 to retain very large amounts of data with complex retention policies by using metadata operations to perform rollup operations for aging.

Retention policies are easy to set
Retention policies are easy to set
Figure 3: Retention policies are easy to set

Smart Agents for efficiency

SmartAgent with incremental-forever approach for VMs and physical servers
AppAsssure's Smart Agent is automatically installed on all the machines that will be protected by the AppAssure 5 Core. They consume less than 20MB for memory effi ciency. And, their impact on CPU utilization of backed up machines is a mere 1% - 3%. This means backups won't slow user applications.

Protecting Windows environments

Complete Windows application protection
AppAssure 5 delivers two innovative application-aware technologies that do much more than simply back up machines and their data.

Recovery Assure™ detects the presence of Microsoft Exchange and SQL and its respective databases and log files and automatically groups the volumes with dependency for comprehensive protection and rapid recovery. This ensures that you never have incomplete backups to work from when you are performing recoveries.

When you back up MS Exchange or MS SQL instances, AppAssure 5 not only captures the entire application stack including files and logs, it also tests your backup to determine if it is 100% recoverable. AppAssure 5 can also notify you if the testing fails, giving you another opportunity to back up before disaster strikes.

Live Recovery™:
Instant Recovery Restore an entire server from your backup with an RTO of minutes rather than hours. Recover the use of a server to any location from the backup file directly onto any virtual or physical machine without having to wait to extract the full backup to production storage. Choose from as many as 288 recovery points a day to deliver an RPO of minutes.

Linux system protection
AppAssure Agent for Linux is an innovative Linux backup and recovery product that can be managed centrally from a single user interface. After completing an initial full backup, take advantage of incremental forever block-level snapshot backups with change block tracking. This feature allows each Linux machine to be 'snapped' and backed up much more frequently than traditional backup architectures allow and it yields outstanding disk storage efficiency.

Cuts backup windows and speeds restores
AppAssure cuts Linux backup windows from hours to just minutes for better recovery point objectives (RTOs) and it restores in minutes to deliver superior recovery time objectives (RPOs).

  • Continually protects multiple servers per AppAssure core
  • Linux server bare-metal restores and disaster recovery
  • Web-based interface that is easy to use

Here are the key functions found in AppAssure agent for Linux:

Continual snapshots for outstanding recovery point objective (RPO) granularity
AppAssure agent for Linux snapshot technology essentially eliminates backup windows with disk-to-disk backups comprised of an initial full backup, followed by incremental forever backups. This allows administrators to back up a server as frequently as every 15 minutes. This creates many more RPOs than traditional backup technologies are capable of and reduces potential data loss from as much as a day to just minutes.

Centralized backup
AppAssure manages your Linux servers from a Web-based central management console that runs on a Web browserenabled device.

Fast recoveries
AppAssure is the fast path to recoveries with bare metal restores that take minutes, rather than hours. It eliminates the need for time-consuming manual system rebuilds followed by file restores. A recovery that once took hours can now be accomplished in just minutes.

AppAssure's archiving feature enables long-term data retention for SLA and regulatory compliance. The backup archives can be stored on low-cost storage. Archive data is deduplicated, compressed and encrypted, and spans across multiple devices.


Web-based User interface
AppAssure 5 features a new Web-based user interface that is compatible with all industry-standard browsers. It is highly intuitive to increase user efficiency.

AppAssure 5 comes natively bundled with a service management API that provides programmatic access to all of the functionality available through the Management Console. The management REST API can be used for managing your services and deployments.

PowerShell Scripting
Windows PowerShell is a Microsoft .NET Frameworkconnected environment designed for administrative automation. AppAssure 5 includes a comprehensive client SDK for PowerShell scripting that helps administrators automate administration and management of AppAssure 5 resources to execute commands either directly or through scripts.

License Portal
The AppAssure 5 license portal provides easy-to-use tools for managing license entitlements. You can download, activate, view, and manage license keys and create a company profile to track your license assets. Additionally, the portal makes it easier for service providers and resellers to track and manage customer licenses.

Event log monitoring and management
AppAssure 5 provides an eff ective way to log and alert administrators about the state of completion for ongoing tasks. Event alerts are generated at a very granular level and they can be logged in the windows event log, delivered to administrators using mail, or even sent to a syslog server. Administrators can create groups for notifications based on servers, tasks or events.

Central Management Console
A Web-based Central Management Console simplifi es the process of managing and reporting on AppAssure 5 Cores that are distributed across an environment. The console also provides role-based access for central management, allowing you to control the objects that users can access in an AppAssure 5 environment.

AppAssure 5 features comprehensive reporting for all ongoing activities. Reports are created dynamically and they can report on all protected machines-virtual or physical-across all your sites. A report can be generated by connecting to a core or from the central management console. The generated reports are available in different formats such as PDF, CSV, HTML and Excel.

How AppAssure Works:

Data Protection

AppAssure software is loaded on any Windows-based server to create the AppAssure Core server

1. AppAssure software is loaded on any Windows-based server to create the AppAssure Core server

AppAssure protects not only the data but the entire application stack for all protected servers

2. AppAssure protects not only the data but the entire application stack for all protected servers.

Deduplication and Compression

Integrated global deduplication and compression

3. Integrated global deduplication and compression reduces the size of incremental snapshots as they are ingested, greatly reducing backup storage requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

4. Backup images of both the protected data and the application stack are stored on the Core. Deduped and compressed backup images can then be efficiently replicated to a disaster recovery location - virtual, physical or the cloud.

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

5. AppAssure 5 is designed to scale to Exabytes - easily expanding its backend repository to accommodate the increased workload as additional servers require protection.

Recovery Assure

Recovery Assure

6. AppAssure Recovery Assure™ technology virtually mounts application and data nightly, ensuring both data and application can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

Live Recovery

Live Recovery

7. In the event of a server or application loss, AppAssure Live Recovery™ enables near-instantaneous access to critical business data, while the full rebuild occurs in the background.

Universal Recovery

Universal Recovery

8. AppAssure Universal Recovery™ allows users to recover from a virtual, physical or cloud image to any environment needed or available - including bare metal restore. The ultimate flexibility for disaster recovery.

System Requirements:

AppAssure 5 Agent
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Architecture 32-bit or 64-bit
Memory 4 GB or Higher
AppAssure Core
Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Architecture 64-Bit Only
Memory 8 GB or Higher. AppAssure highly recommends using ECC Memory, to ensure optimum performance of AppAssure Core Servers
Processor Quad-Core or higher recommended for better performance
Storage Direct Attached, Storage Area Network or Network Attached Storage


Dell ProSupport

Your Dell AppAssure software includes Dell ProSupport,Dell's premium software support which provides access to back-up and recovery experts available around the clock and around the globe.

ProSupport provides a breadth of capabilities and resources intended to maximize the benefits of your Dell AppAssure software to ensure your satisfaction. Our comprehensive support structure, means your time is spent less on issue resolution - resulting in greater productivity for your organization.

From live phone support to email and online ticket submission, Dell provides support that fits your needs and schedule so you can operate more efficiently. With ProSupport you:

  • Keep software up-to-date - access to critical patches, updates, and new product upgrades
  • Beyond troubleshooting - assistance with how-to information, configuration issues and best practice recommendations
  • Resolve issues fast - minimize downtime with the global scale and expertise of Dell ProSupport technicians available 24x7

AppAssure customers formerly on legacy support contracts will be transitioned to Dell ProSupport. Please contact your sales representative for more information on how to transition support contracts.

Remote Installation Services

Today's IT organizations are often stretched too thin - consumed with administrative tasks that take time away from more business critical initiatives. We can help. Let us install your AppAssure software and get you up and running quickly with minimal effort with our remote installation package options.

  • Basic Remote Installation Service includes:
  • Installation and configuration of a single core server and up to 4 agents
  • Day-to-day backup and recovery management tasks
  • Overview of AppAssure technology and support infrastructure
  • All of the above, plus ONE of the following:
    • Export to VM implementation
    • Replication implementation
    • Bare metal restore set up
  • Advanced Remote Installation Service includes all services in the Basic package above PLUS:
    • Configuration of your retention policy and AppAssure reports
    • Disaster recovery testing and validation

Consultation with a highly qualified certified expert regarding upgrades or system updates is also available via our Remote Advisory Services.


AppAssure 5 Beyond Backup Datasheet (.PDF)

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